Top Verticals and Geos for Push Right Now

Published: June 12, 2020

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Push ads are extremely efficient in getting your audiences’ attention. However, they can get on their nerves at a breakneck speed. This type of in-your-face marketing approach can be pretty damaging and alienating to some of your visitors. So how do you ensure you target the right audience with the right type of push notification ads? We’ve accumulated some cross-country analysis, and numerous campaign verticals to answer that question for you. In the following text, you’ll learn about the top verticals and GEOS for push notifications in 2020

What does ”Top Verticals and Geos for Push mean”?

The subject of finding the best push notification ads for different GEOs and verticals might be somewhat confusing to some readers. We’ll only take a minute to elaborate on the key terms. 

  • Push ads – a native ad format in the form of a push notification, delivered to users’ mobile or desktop. 
  • GEO – a specific country you’re referring to in your targeting efforts.
  • Vertical – your field of work – insurance, health, fitness, gaming, etc. A niche is a subset term, referring to a more specific area within the vertical. For example, if your vertical is healthy, your niche could be coronary bypasses for women over the age of 60 in the USA.

So, now that we’ve got that sorted out, it’s time to dive into the most popular verticals and GEOs for push ads 2020 has to offer. If traffic monetization via the most popular verticals in 2020 is something you’re interested in, you’ll find this list useful. 

Best Affiliate Marketing Verticals

Before we get into the top verticals and GEOs for push ads, what are some characteristics of a healthy market, and therefore healthy marketing verticals?

  1. Numerous and easily accessible customers. The vertical is popular, and the customers’ online behavior, is easily tracked. So, targeting your audience in this vertical is a breeze.
  2. At least 2000 search results per month, and a strong online presence refected in popular hashtags, and online communities such as Facebook groups.
  3. Since the vertical is highly profitable, you are bound to face heavy competition

Top Verticals and Geos for Push: Online Dating

Dating is the champion of top verticals and GEOs for push ads. This is why not everyone is allowed to tap into it. According to eHarmony’s research, even though 70% of single people in the U.S. would rather meet their significant other in real life… As many as 40% of couples found each other online. It should come as no surprise then, that 60 million single people in America are using a dating app, or have done so in the past. According to the Verge, Tinder’s revenue amounted to 1.2 billion in 2019, and the number of only expected to keep rising.

White binary code with a red heart.
Most people want to find a special someone.

The dating niche is profitable, holds many users, and the competition is fierce. In fact, this vertical is so healthy, many smaller businesses don’t dare to compete at all. Still, one way to beat the greats such as Tinder, Grindr, and OkCupid is niche dating services. There are various dating niches focused around religion or the lack of it (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist). Also, other characteristics find their own audiences, in the form of senior dating, military dating, or even dating for single parents. Lifestyle and hobby-related niches also exist, featuring dating apps for gamers, bookworms, vegans, or ex-pats.

Financial Services

When it comes to what makes people happy, shopping comes a close second to finding love (and/or) sex. Contemporary technology such as blockchain and fintech have worked hard towards decentralizing the financial market. You’ll also notice a shift in people’s trust towards more traditional professionals in the finance niche such as banks. Several global financial crises in a row in our modern history made sure of that. Today, people can (and do) find alternative ways of investing and saving money, such as alternative energy sources. 

Some of the most profitable niches within the finance vertical include solar power and renewable energies, and senior living. Some other attractive potential sources of income include loans for veterans, medical loans, and loans for people with bad credit. You’ll also find guides and instructions on how to save money, flip houses, or make money via blog posts. Making money, saving money, and investing it comes a close second as the most popular affiliate marketing vertical. 

Health and Nutrition

Staying fit and healthy is another insanely popular affiliate marketing vertical that’s only expected to grow in size. By the year 2023, it was estimated that health and nutrition would reach a towering $300 billion in revenue by 2023. Staying in shape for reasons of attractiveness, health, and enjoying a longer life has been testing people’s patience worldwide. In their tireless pursuit of that “dream body”, and staying in good health, people are spending a lot of money. This vertical is so competitive that you’d need a miracle to compete in the fitness or the weight loss niche. 

A variety of vegetables on plates.
With everyone seeking to be more fit, health as a niche is a no-brainer.

Still, nutrition is not the only part of the health vertical that’s making money. Niches such as reproductive health, home drug tests, and medical cannabis have also been gaining friction. Some other potential money-making breakthrough fields include nootropics, anger management, and wellness travel. Also, as modern problems require modern solutions, bizarre niches such as apps for digital detox have also proven profitable.

The Best GEOs

What are your best GEOs? If you plan on investing a bunch of push ad money into a profitable vertical, this is important. You’ll need to know which countries have the highest traffic volume. You can easily check this using one of SEO tools such as Ahrefs. Only investing once to know the country you’re planning to target with your push ad campaign is a safe bet. 

The best GEO for your niche depends on the size and ambition of your business, as well as your own business niche. If you are from the U.S., UK, or Australia, it might be a good idea to target English-Speaking countries. If you’re a successful travel agency, however, the world is obviously your oyster. Top verticals and GEOs for push can really be in the eye of the beholder.

If you want to cover all GEOs, HillTopAds is a useful advertising platform. This self-serving platform offers push notifications, native ads, display ads, pop-ups, and display links. Anti-fraud is also in place, something many SMB owners will find reassuring. 

Profitable Verticals

While dating, health, and financial verticals are unprecedented, there’s still a lot to choose from when it comes to verticals. Namely, industries such as gaming, Travel, eCommerce, and Sports are only growing in popularity. Tapping into one of these verticals is likely much more profitable than competing with the likes of Tinder. 

Top Verticals and Geos for Push: Get your head in the game

The  Gaming vertical is highly profitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Niches such as cloud gaming, gaming furniture (for comfortable, prolonged sessions), and next-gen consoles are sweeping the market. Recently, the male/female ratio has also changed, making your preferred audience pretty much everyone.

A gaming setup.
A high quality setup is appreciated by every gamer

Know how to sell well

The eCommerce vertical is probably the most attractive option for people interested in becoming an affiliate marketer. All products sold online fall into this category, including custom made skiing equipment, eco furniture, and handmade treats for pets. Other niches such as 3D printing are also becoming increasingly popular.

Take them on a trip

The Travel vertical is extremely popular in today’s fast-paced environment where travel is cheaper and easier than ever. Niches such as budget traveling, honeymoon destinations, and gastro-tourism are highly profitable. Less well-known niches including ancestry tourism and bleisure (a portmanteau of business and leisure) are also taking over the market.

Help them learn and be healthy

Sport and Education verticals are getting insanely competitive these days as well, covering a wide arrange of niches. Apocalypse survival and real estate courses come hand in hand with tips and tricks on how to teach English online. Step-by-step guides on traffic monetization using affiliate marketing is only one example of the blossoming education niche. When it comes to sports, fantasy football, golf, skiing, and, most of all, memorabilia are sweeping the market. 

Top Verticals and Geos for Push, Final Words

We have listed for you the most profitable, competitive, and popular affiliate verticals in recent years. As you can see, the top 3 verticals – dating, health/nutrition, and finance are nearly untouchable due to fierce competition. Still, even these verticals have space for improvement, with less mainstream niches such as senior dating or investing in renewable energy. If you want to know more about top verticals and GEOs for push ads, feel free to visit Affie. Once there’ you’ll get a chance to find out anything you need about turning a profit using affiliate marketing.

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