Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms for Tracking

Published: April 9, 2020

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Affiliate marketing software platforms for tracking are great tools for your affiliate campaign. But, what do they do exactly? And why do you need them? We have the answers!

Running a successful affiliate marketing program can be very rewarding. On the other hand, managing one is not an easy, one-man operation. Finding an affiliate network and starting your campaign is only the first step. There are many other elements you need to be aware of if you want to succeed. First of all, it’s very important to track the success of your campaign. This means understanding its performance completely and staying on top of things. In other words, you need to know what’s happening as it happens. Secondly, you’ll have to to plan your further strategy with the data you get. These are intimidating and time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, it will become more difficult as you become more successful and work with more people. Yet, you need to do it you want to grow your business.

Fortunately, you don’t have to manage your entire program on your own. There are many affiliate management systems available. These systems can make sure your referral program is working at full capacity.

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Affiliate management systems are crucial for your buisness

What is Affiliate Management System

Simply put, an Affiliate Management system is a service that connects affiliate programs and affiliates. In other words, it makes your campaign work! The system takes up many tasks in affiliate marketing. Here are some things it can do:

Tracking and data analysis

There are many marketing options your affiliates can try. Some will recommend your service. Others will show how it works, put your ads and banners on their pages etc. Affiliate management systems track the performance of clicks, confirm page views and impressions of your advertising material. In other words, they show you what works.


So, now you know what to do. You can use this knowledge to change and add rules to your affiliate program. This is how all your affiliates can have a better chance for commission.

Growing your campaign

Similarly, with the results of the data analysis, the affiliate management system can recruit best new members. In other words, it will make sure new affiliates are similar to the ones that give you most revenue.

In short, affiliate manager systems help your business thrive and grow. These useful tools will make your business more visible and, therefore, make you more money.

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Affiliate management system is a great idea!

Best affiliate software in 2020

Affiliate marketing software platforms for tracking are great! Nevertheless, finding the right fit isn’t easy. There are many companies offering services for similar prices. As a matter of fact, not every one of them offers all the important features. Here are some crucial services you should look for:

  • Direct links: Many potential buyers don’t like referral links. Similarly, search engines don’t allow redirect links to rank high in their results. In other words, without direct links you won’t be able to reach customers or have a high position on Google results. Hence, you need to make sure your manager has the option of direct linking.
  • Commission manager service: This service makes sure you pay your affiliates accordingly.
  • Communication with affiliates: News and changes of policy can be passed through e-mails and newsletters via affiliate software.
  • Fraud prevention: Above all, this service is very important. It makes sure every one of your affiliates is legitimate and prevents losing money.

Additionally, not every manager out there will cater to your specific needs. Every business is different. Every business owner needs different things. How will you know which affiliate software is best for you? Here are three top performing sites for your consideration.

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We found some tried and true companies

Post Affiliate Pro

At the moment, affiliate marketing isn’t equally available to everyone. It is very frustrating to find a great service only to find out you can’t use it in your country. Post affliate pro is the leading affiliate manager available worldwide. More than 30.000 companies chose them, and gave amazing reviews. Post Affiliate Pro offers services in multiple languages and has multiple currency support. That is to say, you can use it from anywhere. They pride themselves on their affiliate management and tracking services, commission and coupon management, e-mail and newsletter communication. Their prices vary from $97 to $477 a month. Still not sure you want to use post affiliate pro? No problem! You can sign up for a free 14 day trial.


Everflow focuses on tracking activity. It is a great tool because it offers live data through reports and easy-to-understand graphs. In other words, it is an amazing way for you to track the performance of advertisement placements. As a result, you can use it to develop your marketing techniques even more and make more profit. Their strongest suit is a great user interface with many easy-to-use features. Their cloud-based platform ensures both speed in seeing your data in real time and fast response time. The pricing of Everflow’s services depends on the number of monthly clicks. You can get their starter pack for $295 a month. It is possible to request a free 30 day demo of their services.


No one likes being tricked. Especially when you’re managing a large network. That’s why Cake offers amazing fraud protection. Another great feature they offer are customized campaigns. With them, you can target your users based on their location or device. This affiliate manager takes great care of their users. Firstly, it has individual portals for affiliates and clients. Hence, it is very easy to communicate. Secondly, Cake offers many learning resources. As a result, you can learn more and improve. Lastly, their great customer support is available 24/7. There are many pricing options, and you can request a free demo.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing software platforms for tracking will make your life easier. Additionally, they will help your business thrive. See what is best for you and give them a try!

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