Secrets of Super High Volume Affiliates

Published: May 8, 2020

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Super high volume affiliates are super inspiring. So, you decided to dip your toes in affiliate marketing. After all, it is potentially a very lucrative business. Also, you can make connections and mutually beneficial partnerships that will last a long time.

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Affiliate marketing is the way to go!

Still, unfortunately, there are risks. The market is ever-expanding, and new approaches are introduced daily. Consequently, no one can guarantee your success. And you’re the only person responsible.

Although this seems scary, don’t worry! We have prepared a list of tips and secrets for you. Keep reading and learn how to improve your chances in affiliate marketing.

Believe in what you’re selling

There is a huge market of useless and low-quality products that don’t work. The companies that make them know this. Hence, their offers are especially good and easy to find. Many people enter affiliate marketing because they want a quick buck, and this may seem like the way to do it.

However, do you really want to work with a company that runs a scam? Also, think about your reputation as a seller. Who would want to have their product associated with a shady publisher? Therefore, you should firmly believe in the product you’re offering.

Make others believe in you and become one of super high volume affiliates

If you‘d like to grow even further, you shouldn‘t only focus on your products. Market yourself as indispensable too. If you associate yourself with trustworthy brands and great products, customers and advertisers will gravitate to you. This is how you‘ll grow your reputation as a seller.

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Show (and don’t just tell) everyone how great you are

Another way to get more leads is to give great value to your customers. In other words, go the extra mile – interact regularly via social media, add bonuses, host giveaways and contests for your users. These steps are going to make you stand out. In addition to the trust you‘ve gained, you have a recipe for success.

Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Having a great business model and ethics is very important for joining the club of super high volume affiliates. There is a problem, though. Even the most trustworthy seller needs an audience to sell to. Fortunately, this is where traffic sources come in. A traffic source is a place where you can advertise your product and get traffic in return.

Choose the best option and join super high volume affiliates

You need to consider your audience and sites they frequent. A single well placed ad for, let‘s say, custom-made handbags on a beauty and fashion related site can give more revenue than five ads on a motorcycle forum. This is an obvious example, but there are more nuanced situations. Fortunately, you can talk with an account adviser at your affiliate marketing network if you have any questions.

You can choose from a plethora of free and paid traffic sources online. Here are some of them:

  • Social media
  • Youtube
  • Making blog posts and podcasts
  • Writing for other people‘s blogs and guest appearances in podcasts
  • Email
  • Mobile ads
  • Search engines

Free traffic sources

Free traffic sources are great for beginners. First of all – obviously, they‘re free. Secondly, you can set the tone of your content. Test and tweak your approach, see what works best. This way you can build a modest following and gain trust of your core audience. Still, it can only get you so far.

Paid traffic sources

If you‘re serious about your online marketing campaign, you‘ll turn to paid traffic sources. The right choice can turn good affiliates to super high volume affiliates. There are many benefits to paid traffic sources. Firstly, you‘ll reach more potential buyers. Secondly, you‘ll get all the user data you need to analyze your next steps. And lastly, you‘ll have more chances of making a sale if you get your traffic from a place with similar target audience as you.

There are many options when you‘re about to pay for a traffic source. Pay close attention to what they are offering and compare it to what you need. Some aspects to consider are the pricing, reputation and customization options.


We‘ve already shown you why you should put quality over quantity. The same can be applied to traffic sources. You should make sure you‘re getting the best converting offers for your money. Pay attention to the fine print and find the best fit for your needs.


You‘ve successfully avoided selling products by shady companies. Now you should also avoid buying one. It would be best to get your traffic source from a reputable company.

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You’re the best. Now work with the best!

If you find a great offer from a lesser-known service, make sure to check out user reviews and opinions. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Customization options

Not every company is equally great for everyone. That’s why you need to get as much information on the ones you‘re considering. This is especially important for customization options. For example, think about whom do you want to reach. Is it customers of a specific age, gender, or general interests? Make sure you can find those exact people through your traffic source.

Affiliate marketing kit

Advertisers and companies can have a huge impact on the success of their products. Likewise, this applies to affiliate campaigns too. Finding the best publishers is just the first step of the collaboration.

An affiliate marketing kit can help both advertisers and affiliates immensely. This is a document with information about the product. Kits are sent to affiliates coupled with the proposal, to help them present the product in the best way possible. In other words, they show what an ad should highlight.

Traits of a great kit

A great affiliate marketing kit gives all the information needed to show the company and product in the best light possible. A well-written presentation can do wonders for your business. Firstly, don‘t be afraid to provide some personal touches and your own press releases. Secondly, make sure your potential buyers know exactly what they‘re buying and its strongest suits. Lastly, include promo codes, warranties, reviews, and information for a long and prosperous partnership.

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Make sure to include your best qualities into the kit.

Forget all those self-proclaimed gurus who promise you‘ll make money in your sleep. Affiliate marketing is a field in which you need to work. To conclude, as with everything in this article, the work is all about the quality, and not quantity. Work smart, and you won‘t have to work (too) hard.

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