Is Retargeting Landing Page Visitors With Facebook Ads a Good Plan?

Published: May 18, 2020

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Retargeting is the most important marketing strategy for keeping your business afloat and bringing in real money. Still, most businesses large and small overlook its potential. They’d much rather focus on user acquisition than retargeting. The result? Wasted time and money, as well as lower short and long-term profits. So how do you turn things around for your business? One of the best strategies is retargeting landing page visitors with Facebook ads. 

In the text below, we’ll go into detail on retargeting your website visitors on the most popular social network.

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You can use several simple software solutions to help convert website visitors and encourage repeat customers. Brand loyalty is something you should work towards more than anything. One way to do is using cookies on your website to help you track your visitors’ online behavior. Once you got them in your system, you can track them across platforms, and display ads for them.

According to Statista, the number of Facebook users worldwide is expected to reach 1.69 billion in 2020. This is why Facebook is a great place to start re-engaging and converting past customers and prospects to repeat buyers. Still, if you plan on building profitable remarketing funnels on Facebook, you have a lot of work on your hands. You’ll need to segment your audiences, display targeted, unique ads, and keep track of your visitors’ online behavior. This includes browsing history, demographics, interests, etc. 

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty aspects of the retargeting funnel, and why you have to start using it as a part of your online marketing campaign. 

Why Is Customer Retargeting Important

It costs as much as five times more to get a new customer than to keep the one you have. The money you should be investing in retargeting and customer retainment is not some meager sum. It’s A LOT. Retargeting website visitors and building a solid customer base should be your highest priority. Because without that – customer acquisition will be almost useless. 

Did you know that the top 10% of your customer base is likely spending 3x more than your average buyer? Another proof that retargeting is something you should take seriously. If you want to grow and survive, you should already be using the Facebook customer retargeting strategies we’ll go into in this text. 

Facebook Retargeting Tactics You Must Try

What are the two things you know about a person who visited your landing page? One – they know you exist, and two – one of your products or services interest them. This makes website visitors warm traffic you can tap into. And what better way to tempt them with your offer than Facebook, the most popular social network today? There’s no need to even ask if retargeting landing page visitors with Facebook ads is the way to go. But if you want to make the most of your Facebook ads, you need to…

Retarget Specific Landing-Page Audiences

If you send the same Facebook ad to all your landing page visitors, you won’t make a lot of money. Also, most of your campaign investment would go to waste. So here’s the catch – you need to keep your ads landing page-specific. Before you do this, of course, you need to design your landing page properly.

If your business offers products and services that fall into different categories, break your offers into appropriate sections. This way, you’ll know more about what your landing page visitors are interested in. They ended up on landing pages based on their specific buyer intention. 

Once this first step is complete, you are able to target different website visitors on Facebook. Your targeting strategy rests on the landing pages they ended up visiting. If your business is selling gifts, for example, you could have separate sections for adults and children.

Once you are aware of the buyer’s intention of the people who visit your website, it’s time for Facebook targeting. Your Facebook ads campaign will be customized and focused on different audiences.  

How is Retargeting Landing Page Visitors With Facebook Ads Helping You Profit? A Step-By-Step Guide

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First, you need to install Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a code that helps you coordinate your marketing campaign. You can keep track of Facebook ad conversions, retarget past customers, and optimize your ads.

Next, you’d need to check out the Audience section of your Facebook ads manager and create a custom audience. To target different landing-page visitors, just put different landing page URLs into the website traffic. 

Some different types of audiences include browsers who didn’t buy, previous buyers, shopping cart abandonment offenders, etc. You could also segment your audiences based on their interest in children’s gifts or gifts for adults, men, or women. 

Then, name your different audience clusters depending on their characteristics and behavior on your landing page/website. Finally, click on the Create Audience option. 

Once you have done all this, it’s time to target your traffic with ads you KNOW they would be interested in. The stuff they have spent the most time searching. Products or services they almost purchased but gave up at the last moment. Use several design patterns to figure out which one works best. Also, offer discounts to nudge the audiences in the right direction. 

Other Types of Facebook Retargeting

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Other ways to retarget audiences.

Along with your landing page traffic, there are other people you could and should be targeting with your ads. Is retargeting landing page visitors with Facebook ads the best way to go? Yes. But it’s not where your marketing efforts should stop. We’ll go into details for the following three groups of audiences:

  • Blog readers
  • Newsletter subscribers (if you have one)
  • Free trial users
  • Past customers 

With the fierce blog post competition nowadays, your blog visitors are unlikely to visit your website more than once. They’d get the information they came from, and you’d slip their minds forever. This is why you should start by offering newsletter subscriptions or access to new blog posts as they are published. You’ll just raise brand awareness. Go on with soft sells, without asking them to make a purchase directly.

As for free trials and newsletter subscribers, these audiences are potential purchasers and can quickly become hot traffic. They have used and tested some of your content and services. You know that they find it useful and/or enjoyable. The best way to make them convert? Leave out a vital part of your service in a free trial, and then offer it at a price. As for newsletter subscribers, you are free to share discounts, case studies, and testimonials.

Finally, customers who have already made a purchase on your website are the ones you should be after the most. Offer upselling options, send limited-time offers, and create a false sense of urgency. Remember to only promote the products related to what they’ve already purchased.

If you need any more help with the specific steps of Instagram or Facebook advertising, check out Affie. You’ll get access to advice on partnering up with the right people at the right time, and perfecting any online marketing campaign.

Facebook and Instagram Retargeting Ads

Instagram is simply a more popular platform for younger audiences, and relevant ads on this platform can be highly profitable. Facebook Pixel will work just fine when it comes to redirecting your ads to audiences with Instagram accounts.  The main focus of the article is retargeting landing page visitors with Facebook ads, but Instagram is still of vital importance.

All the previous steps apply with Instagram audiences as well. The only difference is that you’ll need to select and customize your ads for Instagram audiences. To be clear on the numbers you’re working with, check the potential audiences option. We advise you to change your ad design to be more appealing to your Instagram audiences. It’s all about the pic and using few words in your ad copy. 

Maximize Your Paid Advertising

We talked about why it’s important to use Facebook ads, and what landing page retargeting should look like. A properly designed landing page, along with highly customized Facebook ads makes for an ideal marketing strategy. The laser-targeted audience selection ensures you don’t waste any time or money. You get to convert more visitors and keep your old customers.

So, what’s the verdict? Is retargeting landing page visitors with Facebook ads a good idea? Being that Facebook is still the most popular and the most customizable social network there is… Then yes, by all means. Also, if you like what you see and want to learn more about monetizing your traffic, check out this link.

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