How to maximize your ROI with advanced split testing?

Published: September 11, 2020

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Return of investment, or ROI, is one of the most important metrics in affiliate marketing. Knowing your ROI means being well versed in predicting the overall success of your campaigns. This, in turn, means you will be able to focus on more lucrative endeavors. Advanced split testing is a great way to help you calculate ROI more accurately. is here to help you understand how to maximize your ROI.

How to maximize your ROI: Understanding the ROI formula

ROI measures how probable it is to gain a return from a particular investment. To put it simply: it shows whether and how much you should focus on a business venture. It can be used for a single investment or to compare returns from several different endeavors. It is one of the key metrics used to get an evaluation and rank different investment options by how attractive they are.

Illustration of a computer screen and some money in front of it.
Get your calculator out!

There are two methods to calculate the return of investment. The first one considers the ratio of the cost of investment and the net return of the same investment. The formula looks like this:

ROI = (net return of the investment / cost of the investment) * 100%

The second method uses the net income and cost of investment. Net income is the value you get when you subtract the investment’s initial value from its final value. Here is the formula:

ROI = ((final value – initial value) / cost of the investment) * 100%

Many factors go into all the values that comprise ROI. Finding affiliate strategies that actually work is one of the top priorities for any affiliate.

How to Improve ROI

As you have noticed, when all is said and done, ROI depends on how much money you gain from a campaign. Thus, improving your ROI means finding ways to make more money from any given venture. Understanding when your conversion rate needs to be boosted and when you’re in the clear is something you should dedicate a lot of thought to. Also, understanding the best ways of boosting your CR is crucial to any business. Fortunately, there are some concrete steps you can make to secure a larger profit by increasing ROI.

Tips to Increase ROI With Marketing Analytics

Planning. If you can predict your ROI successfully, you will have an advantage over the great majority of your competition. Making an initial outline can help you plan further. Don’t let previous data go to waste, but utilize it to predict trends in your current campaign.

Learn how to prioritize metrics. Not every single piece of data is useful, or even necessary. If it doesn’t help you improve your overall profit – it isn’t top priority. It is easy to get lost in so-called vanity metrics, such as numbers of social media followers and views. On the other hand, these metrics aren’t the best for predicting your campaign’s success. Visitors can check out your site and leave without completing a single conversion. Hence, generating quality leads is more important.

Focus on sales. Understanding how your investments are affecting the productivity of your sales should be a priority. Thus…

Never stop learning. Making smaller or larger tweaks in your campaign is a truly important part of growing your business.

Assemble a good toolkit. Using different analysis tools can help you find out all you need to know about your visitors and how to advertise to them. Split testing is one of the best options.

Illustration of multiple people conducting tests.
A successful campaign demands great amounts of testing!

How to maximize your ROI with advanced split testing (also known as A/B testing)

Split testing is the only way you can be sure your campaign is running at its full capacity. If you are looking to monetize your traffic, you want to make sure you are using every opportunity to increase your profit.

Split testing allows you to gather real and concrete data in a relatively short amount of time. It is the best way to see if one version of an ad is working better than the other. This is true because it will enable you to compare how each of them is performing in real-time.

A split test allows you to run your campaign with two different versions of the same ad. 50% of your audience will see one version (version A) and the other 50% will see the other (version B). It can be applied basically to any form of advertisement, whether it’s a photo ad or banner, link within your content, emails, blog post titles, or other copy.

How to maximize your ROI: Know your goals before you conduct a test

Before you even decide which element to test, you need to know which metrics will determine the winner. If you are only starting, you should focus on a single metric. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Click-through rate
  • Number of clicks
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per conversion

You should pick the one most relevant to your model of business.

How to maximize your ROI: Less is more

You may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities for split testing. Fortunately, there has to be a certain order within the process. It is of the utmost importance not to overwhelm yourself with the number of elements you are testing in a single campaign at any given time.

Illustration od a mobile phone and multiple versions of an ad next to it.
Conduct one test at a time!

Let’s say you have decided to test the copy and positioning of text and images within a single ad. One of the versions will definitely rise to the top, but how will you determine which one of the variables is the main contributor? Hence, you should only test one element and see which version does best. Then you can test any other element and so on.


ROI is an important metric and any affiliate should work on increasing it. Split, or A/B testing is a method to increase your earnings by comparing different versions of one ad while targeting the right audience to see which version performs best. Split testing isn’t a one-time affair, and you should constantly review the performance of your campaigns, so you can make the most of them. Remember – even the most subtle of changes can help your end goal.

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