Landing Pages for Dating Offers: Colors of Attraction

Published: August 3, 2020

Category: Dating Monetization Guide

Visuals are a powerful tool in marketing in general. However, we can’t stress enough how important the visual aspect is when it comes to the dating niche. Let’s talk about landing pages for dating offers.

Landing Page Tips for the Dating Niche

There are some very tangible things to make your landing pages more enticing and raise your CR, which, in turn, can be valuable with EPC optimization. Basically, with a strong landing page you’ll have an all-around advantage.

Utilize the visual component for landing pages for dating offers

The dating niche is visual by nature. Use this to your advantage, by creating visually pleasing landing pages that showcase the services dating sites provide. The fun part is figuring out what works best. Will your audience react to pictures of attractive men and women? Or will they be more intrigued by blurred images they’ll only be able to access if they sign up? As long as you’re relying on visuals, you are sure to profit!

Cater to their fantasies

The dating niche is a great choice if you’re looking to sell CPA traffic. The world is full of people looking to find someone to talk to and meet. The easiest way to profit in this vertical is to offer people exactly what they want. Nowadays, this isn’t a difficult task, due to the sheer number of different dating sites out there. Analyze your visitor profile, and advertise dating sites that you know could be interesting to them, whether it’s by their location, age or any other preference, and dedicate time to the right content creation to achieve best results

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Know your target audience!

Shorten the sign-up process

The more steps it takes to complete an action, the more time your visitors have to change their mind and bounce. For this reason, you should make the sign-up process short and sweet. If it’s possible to sign up via Facebook or Google account, promote this option. If you are just starting, stick to single opt-in offers. Even though they pay less, you are sure to nudge more visitors toward becoming customers.

Responsive landing pages for dating offers

More and more people are using multiple devices to browse the internet. Let’s try to put ourselves into the shoes of an average user. If they find an interesting dating offer, and they check it out later from a different device, they certainly expect to still be able to navigate it effortlessly. You should look into responsive web design for this reason. RWD will enable users to access your landing pages easily, see all the content and interact with the page no matter their device. In other words, by utilizing responsive web design, you are ensuring traffic monetization instead of mobile users leaving your page frustrated.

Mobile landing pages for dating offers

So, you want to extend your campaign to mobile traffic. You’ve made your landing pages responsive, still to no avail. Now you have the opportunity to work on your conversion rates. Optimizing your mobile landing page means you’ll have to test your campaign as well. Cellphones and other mobile devices require you to make some changes by nature. Your copy will have to be condensed as to be clear and convincing even on a smaller screen. Weigh your words, tweak the visual elements and, most importantly, allow your audience to give input.

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Pace yourself as you get more experience.


Dating offers can bring you great profit if you play your cards right. Great landing pages for dating offers, similar to a work of art, are never finished. So, if you find what works for you, try not to allow others to profit from your ideas. Hence, you should make sure protecting your campaign from spy tools is high on your priority list. Now go, see what the dating niche has to offer!

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