How to speed up banner production

Published: July 25, 2020

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Advertisers and companies who are looking to improve promotional methods they use often need to speed up the banner production process. Aside from making them quickly, publishers should make sure their new banners are working and bringing them profit. So, let’s talk about banners.

How to Make Banner Ads Work in Affiliate Marketing

Banners, similarly to popup ads, aren’t known to bring in a lot of revenue. To be clear, this reputation doesn’t inherently come from banners or mobile pop-up ads themselves, but from their inadequate use. Some of the biggest mistakes you can make are either not investing enough time and effort in banner design, or not thinking the placement through. Fortunately, has some tips for you.

Affiliate Banner Design Tips

Designing a great banner means paying attention to the artistic and visual components, copy, as well as other specifications like dimensions. So, here’s how to design banners that help you get better traffic for your offers.

Be mindful about banner size

Banners come in all shapes and sizes, which can be beautiful in its own light. Still, some sizes and ratios work better than others. Here are the most successful banner sizes, according to Google AdSense:

  • 728×90px for the leaderboard
  • 300×600px, a half-page
  • 300×250px for a medium and 336×280px for a large rectangle

so consider resizing your banners accordingly.

Illustration of a computer screen with different ads on it.
There are many ad size options, and some work better than others.

In a similar vein, all good banners should have borders that frame them. This small tweak can help your banners be more eye-catching. Even the most narrow border will help.

Figure out the banner hierarchy

The main elements of the banner – company logo, proposed value and CTA should be well balanced to increase brand awareness. The logo should be clearly visible, but still not as prominent as the other two elements. The value proposition should paint your products and services in the best light. Another great tactic is catering to FOMO with time-sensitive offers and discounts. However, the call to action should be the main element and as irresistible as possible.

Pay attention to your fonts

Font type and size can make or break your banner. Try to refrain from choosing an ambiguous or cursive font throughout the banner, as not to make it unreadable for some visitors. For the same reason, don’t use a font size smaller than 10 pt or overwhelm the users with a large quantity of text. As you have seen already, banners work best in relatively small sizes, so you should be mindful of the number of words a single banner contains.

Stay consistent

You want your brand to be recognizable across all its promotional material. Make sure to have a clearly defined aesthetic, and stick to it, whether it will be through using similar colors, design principles, fonts, but also the overall message. This way you’ll build a brand image that will be remembered by visitors and casual observers alike.

Illustration of a hand with a watering can above flowers with magnifying glasses in the middle.
Consistency is key to success.

Utilize the visual component well to speed up banner production

Visuals are a crucial element of marketing in general. You should incorporate eye-catching photographs and other graphic elements into your banners. Try not to include things that just look pretty. Your banner should reflect the biggest advantages of your product and really showcase your message and values.

A great way to enhance the visual component is by animating your ads. The human eye is attracted to movement, and a well-animated banner is better than a stagnant one. The animation can highlight your product’s best qualities, or, for example, enhance the fear of missing out by including a countdown timer.

Placement of the banner

We have a big secret for you, so buckle up. People need to see banners in order to click them. That’s why it is important to think hard about the real estate on your website that you’ll be dedicating to this type of ad. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your banners, you should place them in a prominent place.

The first option is to put a banner ”above the fold”. To put it differently – stick ‘em on top of the page, so it draws the eye as soon as a visitor enters. It is harder to ignore something you have to see than to turn a blind eye on a banner that’s thoughtlessly stuck in the middle of the text and stops your thought flow. Most people don’t pay any attention to banners in the middle of the text, because they’re focused on reading the text itself.

The second option is to pay close attention to the way your audience interacts with your page and then decide the placement. If you want the ad to be effective, then you need to use heatmaps and see which parts of your pages are most interacted with. Logically, if people tend to click a certain spot more, you should put a clickable ad that brings you money in said spot.

What else should you consider when you plan to create affiliate banners?

The design aspect is just one element of your banner. The other, arguably more important one, is conveying a message to your audience. And how do you do that?

Make sure the audience understands your brand to speed up banner production

Even at a casual glance, your audience should understand what you are offering and what sets you apart from your competition. Point out the elements you are proudest of and that caters to your target audience. For this reason, it is even more important to…

Illustration of many people on their computers and mobile devices.
Any visitor should understand your company as soon as they see your banner.

Understand your audience to speed up banner production

Who is most likely to be interested in your company’s products? What do they relate to? This is a great opportunity to analyze your Google Analytics data. Find out the main characteristics of your audience and craft a customer profile according to these findings. This regularly proves to be of great significance when you are deciding your next step. Also, pay attention to the affiliate aspect of your campaign. As affiliates are always on the lookout for best verticals and geos for push, banners, and other advertisement methods, take their reach into consideration and work from there.

To sum it up – marketing is based on mutual understanding between companies, affiliates and the audience. The more effort you put into understanding the other two sides, and them understanding you, the more profit you will get.

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