How to make banners with high CTR

Published: July 5, 2020

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The world of online advertising has developed immensely over the last 26 years. Many things have changed, yet certain types of internet advertisements persevere. Here’s what you need to know to make banners with high CTR.

What is a good CTR for a banner ad?

As many other forms of advertisement, banners don’t have a great reputation with users. They are considered intrusive, annoying, unnecessary and finally, in worst cases, intolerable. Additionally, internet users have developed so-called banner blindness, and tend to disregard advertisements and only look at the content they need. All these facts contribute to the lower effectiveness of banner ads. Thus, good CTR rates for banner ads are between 0.05% and 0.07%.

However, at Affie we firmly believe in the power of offering products to right people at right times. When it comes to retargeting, banner ads tend to perform ten times better, with the average click-through rate of 0.7%.

Illustration of the remarketing process.
Banner can do wonders for remarketing!

We can come to the conclusion that banner ads can be more effective if used properly. However, these numbers still don’t sound too convincing. That is because you’re seeing them out of context. When you compare these numbers to other average CTRs throughout various marketing channels, you can see they aren’t nearly as abysmal as they may look at first glance.

3 ways to improve your ad click–through rate

Selling traffic well depends on many factors, that don’t stay stagnant for a long time. The goalposts in marketing are constantly moving, and anyone in the market needs to do a lot of testing and experimenting to figure out what’s best for their specific case.

Rely on consistency for banners with high CTR

Every banner is different, but some elements stay the same. They represent the company and the offer, and also explain what is expected from users who see the ads. To put it simply, the main elements of a banner are company name and/or logo, visual representation of the products or services they provide and finally, a call to action. They need to be clearly visible on every banner the company makes, and also similar enough as to be mentally connected to your products, as well as your website. Keeping these elements consistent will build brand presence and make a company instantly recognizable.

Try to get ahead of your competition with banners with high CTR

Banners used to be static and unimpressive. This is what made banner blindness possible in the first place. It seems that it is very easy not to notice a part of a web page that (in site visitors’ mind) doesn’t serve any purpose, doesn’t change and isn’t telling them what they came to find out. However, banners don’t have to be just an annoying hurdle that prevents you from seeing content anymore.

Illustration of a banner with a countdown timer.
A countdown timer is a great addition to banners.

Be ready to utilize new and different types and formats of banner ads. Creative design and enticing copy can be enhanced even more by adding dynamic elements, such as animations, countdown timers, or utilizing more dynamic media formats, such as carousel banners. Adjust the format to your service. With modern media creation tools, the world is your oyster.

Get banners with high CTR through personalization

Utilize every statistic about your audience you can get! This simple principle can help you in many marketing fields, and banners aren’t any different. Users like seeing (and clicking) ads relevant to them. Thus, they are more likely to find ads interesting if you take external factors into consideration. Learn about your prospective customers. Who are they? Which age group do they belong to? Additionally, cater to their location, time of day or even weather. Schedule your ads to appear at times when people are more likely to buy. Choose to highlight a product certain group of users has left in their abandoned shopping cart on your site. The options are endless, and these suggestions only scratch the surface. However, it is best to only take them as guidelines and ideas, and conduct your own analysis, and hence, be sure you’re catering to your audience, not audience in general.

How To Design Product Banner Ads

Developing a visual identity for your company is crucial in modern marketing. Here are some elements to pay attention to.

Prioritize mobile for banners with high CTR

Mobile traffic has taken over. It is predicted that by 2022 more than three quarters of all digital ad spend will be coming from mobile traffic. That is why you should focus on tracking mobile traffic, push notifications and optimizing both your site and banners to mobile devices. They should be optimized with smaller screen size in mind, as well as with shorter and more compelling copy. When it comes to types of ads, entertainment and electronics are the best verticals when it comes to mobile.

Keep your visual identity

The visual design of banner ads shouldn’t diverge too much from the design of the site being advertised. This means you should focus on creating a similar or complementary color story and using the same fonts. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change things up when the opportunity arises. It would be a shame not to use Christmas spirit and season of giving to spice up your banners. Still, you don’t want your users to see an interesting, bright and colorful banner, click on it, to be taken to a monochromatic, minimalist site, or vice versa. Trust your audience to recognize and appreciate your visual identity and be drawn to it.

Do many tests for banners with high CTR

When it comes to designing banners and deciding the final version of copy, you can’t predict your audience’s reaction. This is good, because if audiences were predictable, no new ideas could come to life, and everyone would become immune to advertising.

Illustration of a banner for 10 percent off.
Make your banners irresistible through testing.

Using your audience to see which version of your banner should be final is a great idea for this reason. Do as many A/B tests as possible, and see what works best. Here are some suggestions for tests:

  • Ad position
  • Color
  • Size and dimensions of the banner
  • Different versions of copy text
  • Various calls to action
  • Position of the company logo

Don’t forget – you are trying to cater to your audience, not the other way around. Even though it requires a lot of patience, designing a successful banner will be worth the effort and costs.

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