How to make a profit from mobile audience data in the dating vertical?

Published: September 2, 2020

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The versatility of the dating niche is one of its most important advantages. Dating isn’t connected to a certain time of year, and thus, dating campaigns can be successful at any time. Similarly, dating is great both for desktop and mobile traffic. Here is what you need to know about mobile audience data in the dating vertical.

Introduction to the Dating Vertical

The number of different dating sites has skyrocketed in the past few years. The competition is cut-throat even in the most niche categories. Hence, it is very difficult for an up-and-coming dating site to create a huge user base on its own. On the other hand, having a great number of users creates an image of credibility that brings even more users. For this reason, basically all existing legitimate dating sites have affiliate programs in 2020. If you, as a part of an affiliate marketing network, or a solo player, can help them accumulate more users directly from your own audience, they will gladly compensate you.

Depending on your content and audience itself, you will have a choice of either working with the mainstream, general dating sites on one hand, or with more adult-oriented ones, on the other hand. What is the difference? General dating sites are more family-friendly and cater to people who are looking for a serious relationship. They, in turn, won’t be blocked by age restricting software or different algorithms. Adult dating sites, in contrast, are more oriented toward casual relationships and sex, so they will be age-restricted and filtered. Thus, adult dating sites will pay you more money since they carry the bigger risk and make more money themselves.

Illustration of a mobile phone with an upward graph.
Which choice is best for you?

Which ones should you work with? It all depends on your audience. Here’s how to determine the easiest way to promote in-house dating offers.

What is Audience Data and how does it work?

Audience data can be defined as information about users who visit your site, click or view your ads or buy a product through your referral. It can help affiliates when it comes to any aspect of the marketing process. Most importantly, it allows you to know which ad to display where and when.

This is possible because audience data gives you important insights into your visitors’ behavior online. Through data, you will be able to recognize your audience’s demography, interests, and intentions. In other words: Firstly audience data tells you who your audience is. Secondly, it can predict what its members want. Lastly, it can show you if they are capable of buying it. There truly is no point in advertising a great product to an audience that can’t afford it.

Understanding your visitors’ wishes and capabilities can further help you make decisions in choosing offers. Also, it can help when it comes to collaborating with certain dating sites that cater to your audience’s preferences and traits.

Alternative data sources

A great way to go even further in understanding your visitors is to combine your own data, gathered from your site, with third party data from other sites. The more you know about your visitors, the more you can assume about their wishes and spending habits. This type of multi-dimensional visitor profile is something most big companies strive for.

Illustration of two people observing large amounts of data.
Audience data can come from different sources.

If you gather a large amount of data about your visitors, optimizing your landing pages for dating offers properly shouldn’t be a problem. In the same vein, recommending a dating site that offers exactly what your audience is looking for becomes easier. Whether it’s an older demographic looking for a second chance, young professionals trying to settle down, or free-spirited youths in the search for casual adventures, you will be able to give them exactly what they want.

Key components of mobile audience marketing

The online landscape is always changing, and rarely can we predict the next big trend with certainty. However, the increase in mobile ad spend is one of the most important shifts that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near finished.

If you are interested in monetizing your traffic through the dating niche, tracking your mobile visitors is a great starting point. Moreover, it is best to start getting to know your audience even before you start creating a new campaign. This way you’ll be able to determine which dating offers are most interesting to your audience, and will, thus bring you the most profit and success. It can also give you some insights into the approach that works best with your audience. As we keep repeating, the best way to succeed in any campaign is to offer your audience something they already want.

Mobile audience data in the dating vertical: the visuals

The next step is considering the way your offer is packaged. To put it simply – mobile devices are smaller than desktop computer screens. Secondly, dating is a highly visual niche. Both these facts point to the same solution: A highly visual campaign that focuses on photos more than words.

Mobile audience data in the dating vertical: responsive ads

Psychologically speaking, people like to know what they are getting into. Thus, many users will want to check out the dating site on a larger screen. Some will even want to check the fine print in the Terms and Conditions. Thus, focusing only on the visual is not the right move. When you think you have found a great solution, start by testing your campaign and take all the time you need to tweak all the details. You never know which little change will bring you more clicks.

Illustration of many people observing different desktop devices.
Don’t forget the desktop users either.

Mobile audience data in the dating vertical: Keep swimming

So, you’ve done it. You have your perfect campaign and can reap the benefits of your hard work. Right?

Any experienced affiliate knows it is crucial to keep up with new trends as well as audience demands. Thus, you should track the way mobile users interact with your ads. Some questions you should regularly answer are:

  • Does my audience like the product and react positively to it?
  • Are there any new trends showing up in the niche?
  • What should I change-up in my approach for better results?

You need to understand mobile audience marketing isn’t stagnant and demands a great degree of flexibility. The best way to know what will work is to examine the data you are already getting.

Audience Segmentation for Mobile Marketers

Segmenting your mobile audience can be a great advantage in the dating niche. This means creating a group within your existing and potential audience according to shared qualities, such as age, gender, location, or a common preference. Afterward, you can target this segment of the audience with very personalized ads for the best results. Hence, segmentation can lead to getting the best leads for your dating offers.

Segmentation allows you to create even more specific subgroups, test and tweaks ads to get even more members of that segment to buy what you are selling. It also allows you to run more than one campaign simultaneously when you need a better quality of traffic, and have great success on multiple fronts. It can help you advertise the same offer to multiple user types with changes to the copy, hierarchy or any other detail.

Illustration of a mobile transaction.
Segmentation is a great way to be more efficient in mobile advertising.

Segmentation is a great way to target your audience effectively. However, it demands you to put in some effort into it.

As it is true with many other aspects of marketing, performing regular tests is a must when it comes to segmentation. You never know which new way of segmenting your audience will help you propel your business forward. Keep an open mind!

Don’t be afraid to create new segments out of existing ones. Even if the test is unsatisfactory, you will learn something about your future campaigns.

Don’t try to get too far into your audience’s heads. Sometimes there is such a thing as being too specific. Remember, your segments need to be large enough to be worthwhile. Time is money, and you probably won’t get that much of a difference if you become too nit-picky.

To conclude

Knowing your audience is hard work. Especially so since the goalposts keep moving and people are less and less trusting when it comes to submitting data about themselves. People generally don’t like the feeling of being sold something. Hence, as important as mobile audience data is, what you do with it is even more important. We can not stress the importance of delivering high-quality content enough. The visitor should feel like the primary goal of your site is to give an honest opinion, insight, and perspective. Thus, don’t focus entirely on selling a product.

Illustration of a megaphone and user comments with the words Native advertising next to them.
Native is often the best way to go.

Your audience should feel like you are offering them something from the heart, honestly and without a thought about profit. It is important to create a feeling of mutual understanding and care. This should be obvious from both the quality and quantity of your content. If your visitors feel like you truly care about them, there is a bigger chance they will want to support you and your site by purchasing from your links and clicking your ads.

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