How to increase EPC?

Published: June 2, 2020

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Earnings per click are arguably an affiliate’s most important statistic. If you want to become more successful and earn more money, you should pay special attention to it and work on its improvement. Here’s how to increase EPC.

Improve your EPC rating

Improving earnings per click, logically, means increasing the amount of money people are spending when they buy something from your site. For this reason, it is important to optimize every element of your platform so it becomes more enticing and pleasant. This is a psychological game, and thus, you need to be smart and consider multiple aspects of your businesses.

Increase EPC through content

People can’t click links on a site they don’t spend some time on. And let’s be honest, you didn’t accumulate your audience by selling them products. People started visiting your site because they wanted to read or hear about your opinions. You are the most valuable element of your site. This is why you should try and continue making first-class content, and attracting more people who will want to buy the products you recommend. Here are some tips on improving your posts:

  • Make the content original
  • Give honest insights into the topic
  • Show your personality
  • Be consistent in your style
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High quality of content is sure to increase your EPC

This way, your reputation will remain good and you’ll build an organic audience that trusts your word.

Design of your site

Using your site should be a joy for your audience. Firstly, the visual design should match the content and ensure clarity and ease of use. Secondly, navigation and search should be easy-to-access and no-nonsense. Lastly, the appearance of your site should take advertising space into account. Whether you choose to use more ads in less prominent spaces, or a greater number of ads discreetly, it’s up to you to make sure the content is still visible and the site isn’t frustrating to use. This also applies to the mobile version.

Additionally, if you’re using WordPress, you can create a shortcode that will enable you to put ads anywhere on your page.

If you truly want to increase EPC – don’t overdo it!

At Affie, we believe it’s the earnings that count, not the number of ads. If your site ends up looking like a flea market of all sorts of products and knickknacks with almost no new content, your EPC is probably not going to be great. People tend to like buying things from sites they feel some connection to. For this reason, you should also stay in your niche, and only sell things your audience may actually buy.

Problems can also occur when you don’t create new content regularly. It’s great if you’re making new deals all the time, but make sure the amount of new ads isn’t disproportionate to new content. To put it simply, it is very important to maintain a good balance of profit on one side and the quality and quantity of content on the other.

How to calculate your EPC?

EPC is the average amount of money you are getting for every click you buy. It is a crucial stat, because it shows your net profit, and proves whether your campaign is actually profitable, as well as shows you where you got higher rates. Here’s how to calculate both EPC and net profit.

Calculate EPC

You can calculate your average EPC by dividing your total earnings for a period of time by the number of clicks in that same period. So let’s say you get 20000 clicks, and you earn 400 dollars. This means your EPC is 0.02 dollars.

Calculate net profit

Now you can use the data you got to determine if your campaign is making you money. Simply subtract the amount you pay for every click (cost-per-click or CPC) from EPC. As long as EPC is smaller than CPC, you’re making money.

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Play it smart, and watch your business grow

Other ways to calculate profit aren’t as reliable as EPC, because you’re doing a lot of guesswork. This method only takes numbers that are already available into account.

Cheap way to boost your EPC

We would like to give you a recipe for success, but we can’t. Every niche is different, and the same hacks won’t work on each audience. Still, don’t worry! There are cheap, and even free ways to get better EPC.

Test and see what works!

Our recommendation is to experiment with your settings. There are many options you can tweak and change. For example, you can change the colors of links, ad size, and positioning, add or remove borders, etc. This way you’re going to learn what works best for you. Additionally, you can do it in a relatively short period of time.

Trends change. Only a couple years ago the best advice was to invest in optimizing desktop versions of sites because mobile ads weren’t that prominent. Make sure you repeat the tests every now and again to see if some different settings can boost your profit.


Another free way to prevent losing money right from the start is to do proper research when it comes to advertisers and brands. Compare multiple offers, since they vary from company to company. Also, you can compare payout and conversion rates. Because of this, you’ll be able to calculate average numbers, and only choose companies most suitable to you. See? Information can indeed be a currency.

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Think about the path you need to take

Allow both text and image-based ads to increase EPC

Some advertisers choose to advertise only through text. Others, on the other hand, prefer images. Some use both. For this reason, you should allow all types of ads on your pages. This way you’re basically raising the value of your advertising space since more advertisers can bid for the same placement.

If you want to increase EPC – make offers easily available

If people can buy directly from your site, you should have a page dedicated exclusively to offers. If you’ve listened to our advice and stayed in your niche, this will mean you have a small shop of different products that logically go together. This little wall of offers can entice your audience to buy more than one thing, automatically boosting your EPC.

Being an affiliate takes patience and effort, but if you play your cards well, advertise great products, and nurture your good reputation, it will return to you tenfold.

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