How to get quality leads for dating site offers?

Published: August 18, 2020

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The amount of visits a site gets is often overshadowed by low conversion rates. Your goal should be to get quality leads for dating site offers. To put it differently, getting leads who are more likely to complete the desired action is better than getting a large number of visitors who aren’t interested in becoming customers. So, let’s talk about lead generation and lead quality.

Lead generation guide

Firstly, let us define the lead generation. This term signifies piquing your audience’s interest about a product or service and getting visitors excited and ready to complete the conversion. Basically, if someone becomes aware of a product, service, or company through you, you have completed the first step on their way to becoming a paying customer. If you manage to organically make them interested in purchasing the goods – you are generating quality leads.

Lead generation, when done right, has an advantage over direct marketing, because the process feels more natural to the potential customer. If you put in the time and work on your content, your visitors won’t feel as if you are selling them something. In other words – lead generation puts the idea of purchasing something into your visitors’ heads more discreetly, and thus has a bigger potential to make them buy something, all while they think it’s their own idea.

How does lead generation work in the dating vertical?

Every branch of affiliate marketing works similarly. Here is what happens in dating.

Illustration of a sales funnel
Take the necessary steps so your audience can take its own!

You put out great content and attract a following. Obviously, you can’t sell anything to a non-existent audience. Your content should be related to dating.

You start working with an advertiser – most often a dating site or app. If you don’t know how to get in contact with one, joining a performance marketing network such as Affie will help you immensely.

You incorporate a call-to-action into your content. This call-to-action can be a button, image, or link, but they all have the same function – it inspires your audience to take action.

The action – aka clicking the link – takes your visitors to your landing page.

The landing page’s primary function is getting visitors to take action. Most often this means filling a form so they can access the offer you give them.

And there you go – you have converted your visitors into leads.

How do you advertise to get quality leads for dating site offers?

There are many promotion channels out there. When it comes to the dating niche, you should have two factors in mind when you’re figuring out which channel to use.

1. Visuals!

Dating is a highly visual matter, and you shouldn’t shy away from using good visuals to get your visitors’ attention. The visual media, such as pop-ups, sidebars, and different types of banners is great for the dating vertical.

2. Content!

Being good at native ads is the surest way to keep your audience’s trust. If you place links to landing pages among many resources and a lot of useful information, you are growing your chances immensely.

How to improve lead quality

There are some concrete steps you can take to turn your audience into high-quality leads.

Understand your target audience to get quality leads for dating site offers!

Take the time to understand your audience. Examine the demographic you attract and look into their circumstances. For example, dating is very different for men and women, as well as for younger and older users. Thus, targeting dating ads to a general audience is not the way to go. Understand what your visitors want, and find a way to recommend a dating site or app that caters to their specific needs. Building an ideal buyer profile can help you understand what are the steps you need to take to give them exactly what they want.

A man and a woman smiling at a phone and hugging.
Be sure to offer your visitors a dating offer that suits their needs!

Connect with the right people

Creators who make content regarding dating put a lot of effort and give their audience many tips, insights, information, and entertainment for free. We firmly believe investing all that time, effort and creativity should be rewarded appropriately. That is why the decision to become an affiliate network publisher is a great one. Finding a good network, that will take both your content and audience into consideration and connect you to advertisers whose products are sure to make your existing audience happy is a huge priority for any aspiring affiliate.

Keep your audience’s trust to get quality leads for dating site offers

An affiliate should dedicate time to do all within their power to keep their audience’s trust and develop it even further. If your visitors start sensing your primary goal shifted from creating good content to making a profit, they aren’t likely going to stick around. There are some precautions you can take to avoid a change of heart among your audience.

1. Don’t say something is free if it isn’t. Many dating sites will advertise free sign-up and then ask for your credit card information to be able to actually use the site. Make sure you know what you’re talking about.

2. Don’t promote sketchy sites and apps. Many companies hire professionals to chat with many users from a variety of accounts with no intention of ever meeting them. Check the legitimacy of the site you’re recommending. Some sites disclose their fantasy aspect and should be advertised as such.

3. Make sure your traffic is legitimate. Traffic coming from bots can’t generate high-quality leads. Hence, you should learn how to protect your pages from bot traffic.

4. Make sure your offers match your content and your audience’s expectations. Targeted content should attract as well as nurture quality leads, and also get them excited about the offer itself.

Ilustration of a bullseye with speach bubbles around it.
Take all the measures to turn your visitors into leads!

What is DATING and how to promote dating offers

Having someone to talk to and spend time with, whether it is meant as a serious relationship or a hookup, is something most people aspire to. As long as there are single people out there, there is an audience for different dating sites and apps. Thus, dating is one of the most fruitful verticals for affiliates. The fact that there are many different dating sites, catering to any and every demographic and preference makes dating especially suitable for affiliate marketing. Of course, before you start this endeavor, you should take the time to analyze your audience and understand in-house dating offers. To put it simply, although it is a lucrative vertical, not everything works for everyone. Hence, some research and caution is needed.

How to promote and get high quality leads for dating offers?

After you understand your audience, you should be able to come to a conclusion about what its members crave. For example, women’s dating is more focused on commitment and security (generally speaking, of course), so advertising hookup apps and sites probably won’t get you many leads. On the other hand, advertising these types of apps will get a great response from a younger male audience. Hence, empathy and psychology are your greatest tools when it comes to choosing which ads to post.

Secondly, the way you word your ads is very important. Believe it or not, finding the right keywords can make or break your affiliate endeavor. We have to give you a fair warning: you won’t find the magical keywords right away. For this reason, testing your campaign is an important part of the process, and you should dedicate a good amount of time to tweaking and finding the best performing combination of positioning, words, and images.

Illustration of a man measuring the distance between start and finish lines.
Know your goals and the necessary steps!

Which tools and ad formats are the best for you?

Lastly, you should utilize marketing tools and methods to ensure your dating offers have the best chance to succeed. Build your and your site’s reputation while also creating a message you can stand behind and your audience can relate to.

Learn about sales funnels and try to become an expert on Google Analytics so you can re-target and re-market to the right people. Understanding your audience’s age and preferences can help you decide which sites to promote, as previously stated. However, knowing which devices they are using can help you choose the best format for the ads themselves. For example, if your traffic is predominantly coming from mobile devices, pop-ups can be a great way to advertise. Learning how to make your pop-up ads more effective in the dating vertical can help you in the future as well with different niches.

All you need to know to get quality leads for dating site offers

To sum things up; knowledge truly is power in affiliate marketing. As we can see from the example of the dating vertical, you have to know your audience, whether it’s their age, sex, background, income or preferences to target well. Secondly, you need to utilize empathy and figure out which dating offers will be the best for them, utilizing the knowledge you have about them. Lastly, you need to know which format will attract most visitors into becoming quality leads.

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