How to generate better traffic?

Published: June 19, 2020

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Every affiliate has a goal of generating great traffic and getting as many conversions as they can. Here’s how to generate better traffic.

Drive more traffic

The first step to generating traffic is driving as much traffic as possible from your established user base. This means finding a balance between staying consistent and innovation. Affie is here to help.

Use consistency to generate better traffic

You have accumulated your audience by creating content that reflects your opinions about a topic in your niche. Although it can be very enticing to collaborate with as many brands as possible, or accept a deal only based on your profit, try to avoid doing so. Your audience will notice the difference and lose interest if profit becomes your primary goal.

Use innovation in content to generate better traffic

People tend to get tired of similar content after a period of time, and also lose interest in websites that don’t offer anything new. Vary your content format and length to entice different types of readers. Craft your headlines to be as interesting as possible and follow up by making your content valuable and informative.

A computer screen with a cursor above the words ''Add New''.
Think outside the box when it comes to content.

Increase conversions

Your site might have many visitors, but this still doesn’t guarantee they will interact with your site the way you want them to. Here’s how to turn your traffic into premium traffic.

Add pop-up ads

Pop-up ads have a generally bad reputation, and many people and companies avoid using them. In contrast, good pop-ups can make your conversion rates skyrocket. You need to make sure they serve their purpose by adding value to the user experience. Try offering 10% off for a first purchase, or a free ebook and watch engagement rise.

Add testimonials and trust signals

People don’t like buying from sites they can’t trust, nor do they like being the first person to try something out. That’s why you should make reviews and testimonials for the products you’re offering prominent on your site. Another way to build trust is use trust signals, such as SSL certification, money back guarantee or a legal page on your site.

Reach more people

Let’s face it, stagnation is definitely not a goal for anyone in affiliate marketing. If you want to be successful, you need to make your brand grow and evolve. Making your brand more visible online plays a big part here. It is usually done through advertisement. Here are some ideas on how to advertise more discreetly.

A graph that shows page views.
Work on getting more visits

Guest blogging

Many people think blogging days are over. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. In contrast to popular belief, you absolutely can grow your audience through guest appearances and collaborations with other creators in your niche. Join your strengths and create something special for this reason. Additionally, both sides will be building backlinks and getting higher search engine ratings.


Name recognition is a huge factor in buiding your brand. Offer to interview well-known and up-and-coming faces in your niche. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to do interviews, and thus, provide you with interesting content. They are likely going to share the interview themselves, and subsequently drive more people who are already interested in your main topic to your page.

Generating better traffic takes some time and know-how, but the results are absolutely worth it. We hope you can use some of these ideas and start making better content and more profit.

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