How to boost your dating traffic quality?

Published: July 11, 2020

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Dating is one of the most lucrative verticals for affiliate publishers. This stems from its perpetual relevancy, which, in turn, allows affiliates to work in it all year long. Still, you should take care of your dating traffic quality. Here are our insights.

Drive Traffic

Focusing on driving a large amount of traffic is a step many affiliates take. Getting recognized in your field is a huge success, and you should dedicate your time and energy to it. This means staying relevant with the newest dating trends, doing many tests and applying tweaks, as well as keeping a balance between bringing in new elements and using the ones that work well consistently. This way you can appeal to new audience, as well as keep the visitors who already like your content.

Use innovation to improve your dating traffic quality

Any visitor will get bored of always seeing same or similar content. You can avoid this by finding a new angle, or making different formats of content. Make sure to use the visual component when it comes to dating traffic. There’s no reason not to try your hand at video content. Visual impressions are one of the keys to dating itself, after all. You should also make the sum of all content appeal to visitors at different stages of the buying process.

Illustration of multiple people, walking on an arrow that leads to the centre of a bullseye.
Appeal to people just thinking about online dating, as well as the ones who are ready to embark on this journey.

In other words, make your content appealing both to people only finding out about online dating, as well as the people who have their credit card in their hand, ready to become a member. Of course, we recommend doing so in different posts.

Use consistency for better dating traffic quality

If it isn’t broken – don’t fix it. Don’t forget your visitors come to your website because they see its value. No matter your approach to dating – whether you give scientific insights, share personal anecdotes or witty comments, your audience appreciates what you do. This should be the main focus of your site: making people want to come back because they appreciate your opinion and delivery style. It is additionally important from a business standpoint. People are more likely to make a purchase from a site they feel a connection with. That is the added bonus of being consistent in your approach.


Encountering bots is an everyday occurrence because they are an integral part of the internet infrastructure. Still, some bots are worse than others, and can make your traffic look like it’s doing great, when the reality is far from that. That is to say, bots can drive traffic to your page, but since it isn’t coming from actual people, able to make a purchase, the traffic is worth nothing. Hence, every affiliate should know how to identify bad and bot traffic to prevent this from happening.

Traffic Quality vs. Quantity

As you can see from the bot example, large volume of traffic is great as long as it converts. However, if your site is getting a lot of traffic that doesn’t get visitors to actually complete the goal action, it certainly can’t be seen as an advantage. High quality traffic that targets your goal audience, especially its members who are very close to purchasing, increases ROI more than a large quantity of traffic that doesn’t convert.

Illustration of a bag of money in front of an upward-facing arrow.
High return of investment should always be your goal.

For this reason, you need to make sure your content, as well as your site’s design, convey exactly what you want to say. Additionally, it needs to be said in the most convincing way possible. Fortunately, there is an easy way to boost your conversions through tweaks in your landing pages. Same can be said about your traffic as well. Remember, the balance between innovation and consistency is key!

Measure the Quality of Your Traffic

We are sure anyone can tell if their site is flanking after a while. Still, there are some warning signs you should pay attention to to see how you’re actually doing. Some indicators of good traffic quality, which should be on the rise are

  • Small bounce rate
  • Good average session length
  • Large number of new visits
  • Visitors clicking multiple pages in a single visit
  • Lead conversion

Bounce rate marks the percentage of people ‘’bouncing’’ from your website. In other words, it is the people who either exit your site as soon as they enter it, or only visit one page.

Session duration should become greater over time, and reflect the rise of your content’s quantity.

You want to get as many new visits as possible, because they mean new potential buyers.

As we previously stated, you don’t want visitors to stay on a single page during their visit if one needs to go through at least a couple of pages (from content to landing pages) to make a purchase.

As we have previously stated, using new methods to appeal to your audience is the right move. Using push traffic to your advantage is a great way to incorporate added value, which, in turn, should help you with getting new visits, reducing bounce rate and general site engagement.

Lead conversion is crucial if you want your site to fulfill its basic function.

Two people embracing and smiling while looking at a cellphone.
Always strive for engagement and high conversion rates.

Boost conversion

You should always strive to more conversions and a higher conversion rate. You can achieve more conversions by making your site easy and pleasant to use, as well as making sure you convey the safety of making a purchase through it. This especially applies to your landing pages as well as the process of purchasing an item. Both should be simple, to the point, and demand as few steps to complete the conversion as possible. Additionally, you’re trying to get visitors to give you personal information, and thus, you should add some trust signals, such as safety certificates or a money back guarantee.

How to Improve Your Site’s Traffic

Apart from the forementioned push technology, there are other ways to get better traffic. has made a list of suggestions.

1. Headlines to boost dating traffic quality

Similarly to dating itself, first impressions are everything when it comes to content. And there’s no better example of a good first impression than a well-written, irresistible headline. Make sure you convey the main topic of your article, and make it clear that you’re offering a solution to a real problem many people are facing. In this case, the lingering problem you should strive to fix is loneliness, which is a real and important issue. If you’re not sure which option to pick, make sure to do some A/B testing and see which headline attracts more visitors.

2. Cross pollination for higher dating traffic quality

Cross pollination is a great way to increase your audience. First method is to find an interesting content creator within your niche (it would be best for them to also focus on dating-related topics) and ask them if they want to collaborate. You can create two pieces together, for your and their site, or simply write separately and publish on each others’ site. This way you’ll make their audience aware of your site, and hence, some of them will come to check it out. However, this means you’ll have to put in some real effort into your collaboration, and showcase what you do in the best light.

Illustration of a man and a woman texting and smiling
Collaborations are a great way to get your name heard!

Another way of cross pollinating is conducting an interview with a well-known name from your niche. Getting interviewed is an honor, and most people will be happy to share their views with someone new. If you do an adequate job, it’s almost certain your interview will be shared by your interviewee, which, in turn, will give you quite a bit of exposure.

3. Social media and dating traffic quality

Social media is one of the most important advertising methods, because it has the potential to generate great traffic and drive many sales. For example, over the last year, Instagram’s refferral traffic has skyrocketed. Most internet users have an account on at least one social media network. Thus, many companies are using these channels to fortify brand presence. Why shouldn’t it work for you as well? Again, it comes down to providing value and showing your personality in your posts, so your audience gives you trust and engagement.

How to Track Traffic

You should never go blindly into any campaign. Having a good strategy in affiliate marketing always entails tracking your every step of the way. This is done because a. you want to see how you’re doing in real time, and b. you need to plan your next steps, whether in this particular campaign or any future endeavor. One of the best ways to track all the traffic your site is generating is through Google analytics. This tracker has all the features you may need to carefully track your campaign’s progress. An added bonus it the fact all Google analytics services are absolutely free to use.

Still, if you are interested in more in-depth analyses, there is a plethora of paid tracking platforms, that will give you a better and more thorough insight.

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