How much of your budget do you devote to testing new campaigns?

Published: June 29, 2020

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Efficient budgeting is always relevant in affiliate marketing. This is a branch with a primary focus on profit, and its goals are constantly changing and expanding. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to know where to invest. A good business venture demands a lot of thought, so we are here to talk about the budget for testing new campaigns.

Budget Planning

At we understand the importance of thorough budget planning. Any campaign should start with setting aside some time dedicated to that specific effort. It is very important to observe the campaign budget in the context of overall budget, and, thus, understand the capping of the particular campaign. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, since you will want a safety net. To put it simply: Don’t invest all your money in a single campaign, no matter how great it sounds on paper.

If you’re only starting, your initial budget should be divided into funds for getting the best tools, testing new campaigns and a percentage for scaling if it manages to get a high ROI. Since you probably won’t be running a single campaign for a long time, you should also think about setting aside the money for maintaining the ventures that have proven to be lucrative. However, we must recommend testing campaigns one at a time.

Target on a desktop graph.
Set your target and make a solid strategy.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule for how long the tests should last. Sometimes it takes a while to get any statistically sufficient data. Likewise, you can’t truly know exactly how much money you’ll need to set aside for testing. However, we can’t stress the importance of factual testing. A mistake in your creatives, or using a landing page that is less successful in the long term can hinder your business significantly. For this reason, we recommend prioritizing testing.

How to Test Your Creatives

Testing creatives means sharing them with your target audience to understand which options are the best. This is the safest and most accurate way to understand what works in your efforts to meet your objectives. Also, by testing the creatives you are making sure they are indeed conveying the message you want them to. If you are sure your words are clear and convincing, and your page maximally enticing, no potential buyer will be lost in translation, so to speak. In other words – it saves time and money.

As with any research, you first need to determine the goal of your tests. You need to know which elements of the creatives are going to be your priority. When you set your goals, testing new campaigns can commence.

The first rule you should follow is to focus on a small number of creatives while testing. If you add too much content to your campaign, it can be difficult to determine which elements are the culprit for lower engagement. To put it differently: too many variables can disrupt the end result.

The goal of testing creatives is simple. You want to get the attention of advertisers who are looking to reach top publishers in their niche. Thus, you need to find the creatives that work best and dedicate time to broad targeting, rather than narrow. This may seem counterproductive, but you need to reach more people and get as many impressions as possible.

Illustration of many people interacting with different websites.
Broad targeting is the way to go with testing!

When it comes to testing new creatives, it is very important to create a new campaign. If you add new copy to campaigns that have been around for some time, they will probably go unnoticed, especially if the campaign has already lost its wind.

How to Do A/B Testing With Landing Pages

Landing pages can be an affiliate’s biggest strength or weakness. You need to make sure the landing pages you’re currently operating with are the most efficient you can have. Making assumptions about what works best means you’re alienating the most important factor – the audience – from your thought process. Conducting A/B tests allows you to utilize the human factor, and determine with no doubt which elements of your landing pages are working, and which ones could use some changes.

Conducting an A/B test means making two versions of your landing page live. Half of your traffic goes to one version (A) and the other half to the other (B). This way you can gather factual data on your audience’s reactions.

Let’s say you’ve noticed a trend among your competition regarding their landing page layout. You are quite satisfied with your own layout, but, as any good business owner, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve. You can’t know how your audience will interact with the changed landing page. So, you direct 50% of visitors to a new version. After a week or so, you’ll know for sure whether the changes you have implemented actually work better. Does the new layout bring in more conversions and increase sales? Then there’s no reason to keep the old version. If there are no increases, or the engagement is lower, you can return to your old layout, and be sure it is the best choice for you.

We admit the layout example is pretty extreme. You can utilize A/B testing to make more subtle changes as well. Whether it’s the content of your copy, different headlines, or more cosmetic details, like the positioning of text or the font, you won’t know what little thing will drive visitors to purchase or complete a conversion until you try. Here are some examples of elements you can test:

  • The layout of the landing page
  • The offer, or proposed value
  • Headlines
  • Content and length of copy
  • Call to action’s copy and format
  • Position of different elements
  • Colors and fonts of text
  • Size of images
  • Product descriptions
  • Additional elements, such as images and video
Illustration of a computer monitor with a website with many fields open.
There are many elements you can test!

Understanding your audience means working with said audience. In turn, that means you won’t have to go blindly into new endeavors. You should utilize the reach you already have in your favor.

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