Dating traffic: tips for optimization

Published: September 4, 2020

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Affiliates who want to get the most out of their business often turn to the dating niche. This is understandable, since this vertical is a lucrative source of traffic and income for many, since it is always extremely relevant no matter the GEO you choose. As an affiliate and performance marketing network we are here to give you all the information you need about dating traffic.

Dating Traffic’s marketers

Affiliates who are just starting to get into the dating vertical will probably be surprised by how difficult it is to get any concrete information. There is no official guide, and thus, you will have to get your information on forums. This is a good way to find out about other people’s experiences. However, as nobody on forums is stating their identity, you will have to check any tips you get this way yourself. This is especially complicated since the niche doesn’t function like any other in the affiliate business. Truly, getting the right leads for your dating offers is best done if you are thinking way outside the box.

Tracking your success

As we have previously mentioned, the dating niche is different than all other fields. This is why you should pay special attention to tracking your dating ads. As this type of ad performs differently, you will have to dedicate more time to tracking and analyzing activity coming from your dating ads. You will probably need to do more A/B testing than usual and do it more often.

Illustration of a mobile phone with multiple versions of the same ad.
Keep testing and improving!

Dating traffic and men

All affiliates who are making the most out of dating offers have one thing in common. They all had to let go of all their previous knowledge of the business. This is true because of the nature of the niche itself.

Seeing an ad for a dating site is very different than seeing an ad of any other kind. Human nature is simply like that – our brains go into a different mode when the possibility of dating, and especially sex is present. In other words: dating and adult sites have to advertise unconventionally.

To put it simply, the less professional an ad looks, the more clicks it will get. This is very counterintuitive, to say the least. Especially so if you take great care of the way your page looks. Some examples of dating ads that perform better include

  • Intentionally misspelled words
  • Exaggerated photos
  • Unrealistic promises
  • Strange wording

Remember, you are trying to appeal to people (especially men) who are focusing on their primal needs, rather than reason. That is why we don’t see the ”Hot singles in your area” line going anywhere any time soon. Many dating sites rely on promising an idea of a partner rather than a real person.

Dating traffic and women

Of course, if your site’s primary audience are women, you will need to approach the dating niche differently. First and foremost, you need to know this vertical is less intended for the female gaze. So, you are already in a worse position. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You will have to understand what women want.

Firstly, semi-naked ladies and misspelled promises aren’t going to cut it, for the most part. You will have to focus more on a lasting, or at least committed relationship. We are not saying all men want is sex, and all women want is security and marriage, but statistically, these types of ads work better with these demographics. Of course, it would be best to use this article as a guideline rather than a rule book.

Illustration of multiple diverse beautiful women.
The dating niche caters to fantasy.

So, if you want to generate dating traffic from a predominantly female audience, you will have to pay attention to aesthetics more than with male users. Choose the colors wisely when creating landing pages, and combine them with compelling copy that indicates users of this dating site are free to make their own choices and will be heard and respected.

Dating Traffic that converts and retains

When it comes to the dating vertical, the quantity of traffic is truly important. If a large number of people visit your site, there is a bigger opportunity to make a profit. However, the quality of traffic shouldn’t be overlooked either. So, what should you do when you need to attract more visitors to your platform? Here are some concrete tips to help you!

Dating traffic and email

Email is as relevant as ever when it comes to quality lead generation in the dating vertical. This is true because this type of traffic needs the user’s permission. Firstly, people are less and less prone to giving their email address to just anyone. Thus, people on your mailing list are truly interested to hear from you. Secondly, everyone with a working phone checks their email at least once a day. So, you shouldn’t be afraid your ads will go unnoticed.

To grow your email list, you should offer some value on your website first. Whether it is a high-quality post, well-thought-out video, or a chapter of your ebook, visitors should be intrigued to trust you with their address.

SEO and content

Generating organic traffic without SEO is basically impossible nowadays. Even the smallest amount of research will show that you have to take your wording very seriously to get indexed on search engines. However, using the right keywords isn’t enough if it isn’t accompanied by high-quality content. To put it simply: You will need to bring the audience to your site and make sure visitors stick around so you can actually advertise to them. This, again, means offering value through content.

Illustration of a man typing words on a typewriter.
One thing that remains the same even in the dating niche is that you need quality content.

Of course, there are some tricks you can use for better reception of your content.

Social media can help you spread your articles and videos quickly to a large number of users, many of which will learn about your page this way.

Put tracking into work and time your new posts at the peak of activity on different channels.

Repurpose, reformat, and republish older content that worked especially well in the past.

Offer resources and link to different relevant sites, apps and services you think your audience would find interesting or useful.

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