How to boost your sales with custom creatives for dating campaigns?

Published: August 28, 2020

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Targeting visitors the right way has been the task of marketing since its earliest days. For example, the design of cereal products marketed to children is conditioned by their target audience’s height, and thus, all mascots are looking downward. Is it any wonder many contestants in the dating field are wondering about custom creatives for dating campaigns.

Develop and manage custom creatives for dating campaigns

Customizing creatives is a time-consuming process. To be able to give your audience personalized content, you need to get to know both every relevant stat about your visitors and their behavior on the internet. Thus, you should turn to the Facebook Pixel. Besides being a safe way to retarget your website visitors, it can give you great insight into visitors’ behavior on your site and the way they interact with the internet in general. Knowing your audience can give you an insight into what appeals to them.

As a global affiliate marketing network, we keep insisting that marketing can’t be fixed with a one-size-fits-all solution, and this is especially relevant when it comes to finding a common ground with your audience. In other words, developing custom creatives for dating campaigns demands creating out several customer profiles and developing a marketing campaign to fit each of them. This may seem like a big investment, and in most cases – it is. However, the more you can narrow down your audience’s preferences, the more personal your ads can be to their unique experiences and worldviews. To put it simply: the more time, money and effort it takes to personalize a particular creative, the more effective the your campaign will be.

Illustration of people analyzing data.
It takes time and effort to get your campaign to perform.

How do you best utilize custom creatives for dating campaigns

A large part of these efforts should go into identifying your potential customers’ interests. Knowing their age, sex and location is important, no doubt, yet knowing more about what they enjoy will bring you the best opportunity to customize your creatives in a truly personal manner. Audiences report feature of Google Analytics is a great tool which enables you to see your visitors’ previous searches. This, in turn, can help you determine the best possible way to market a dating site or app.

The best way to market anything is to showcase its ability to fix an already existing problem. When it comes to dating sites, loneliness is the said problem. Approaching the dating vertical this way can help your visitors find someone new to talk to, and thus, feel less alone. On the other hand, it can also help the dating sites themselves get more members, and help affiliates grow their business and reputation. To sum things up, we truly believe every side can benefit from a well designed, targeted and executed dating campaign with impeccable creatives. Now, the question is: How do you achieve such a campaign?

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Generalized marketing campaigns are becoming a thing of the past. It truly seems like you need to speak directly to your audience to get the attention necessary for good business. The sheer quantity of ads people see each day any way they look has desensitized a great percent of visitors for any given site. You can’t count on a huge number of new internet users, since having access to the web has become almost universal. To put it differently: the novelty of old marketing campaigns has fizzled out. The global advertising spending for 2019. only surpassed $560 billion (with a B), and this number has the tendency to grow even more in the future.

A couple eating breakfast.
The dating market demands constant innovation when it comes to marketing

If an ad doesn’t speak to a person specifically, they are most likely going to ignore it for this reason. Thus, personalizing marketing campaigns seems like the best option for any company. As people are observing the world through a series of screens, they want to feel special and noticed. That is why ads catering to a very specific type of visitor have the best chance of success.

People truly can appreciate a great marketing experience that speaks to their own needs. This is why localized ads, as well as ones that cater to a specific time of day, year, the weather etc are a way to increase your conversion rate with ease.

How do I do that, though?

But, you may wonder, how does this work? The answer is – through psychology and convenience. One of the important things to know is where your visitors are within the buying process. If they have only started exploring the world of online dating, making the services they’re most likely to buy prominent on your site is a priority. On the other hand, if your visitor has already purchased a membership, your goal is to keep them on the site, and eventually get them to buy a more expensive plan. These three phases demand separate marketing strategies. In other words, your campaign should have the following phases:

  • Prospecting
  • Customer retention
  • Upsell

Pay attention to this when you’re creating custom creatives for dating campaigns

The first component of the campaign should be shown to the demographic that is just exploring the option of purchasing a membership – think about people whose search history already contains terms connected to dating sites, dating and loneliness. This element of the campaign should showcase the possibility of meeting an attractive stranger to talk to and go out with. The campaign should be highly visual and easy to navigate through.

The second part should be aimed at users that have become inactive or are looking into other dating site and app options. This is a great moment to utilize email and popup marketing.

A phone with multiple apps.
Utilize popups and email to reach your audience.

The third element is best used with customers who obviously enjoy their time on the app and use it often. This is true because this type of visitor is most likely to want to get an upgrade.

As we can see, you can come to a lot of useful conclusions and plan your strategy with only a little information. Imagine all the possibilities of an even more personalized approach to marketing!

3 Tips for a Successful Dating Campaign

So, the goals for dating campaigns are obvious: bringing many new members to the platform, keeping your old members and getting them to upgrade their plans to a more expensive option. Yet, there are many routes you can take while you’re planning.

Connect with the best publishers

If you are planning to advertise through native ads, it is highly recommended to get in contact with trusted affiliates. This can be done through an affiliate network, or by approaching especially interesting influencers directly. Whichever option you may choose, remember, most affiliates are on the lookout to get the best dating offers on the market, so you should plan your budget accordingly. Make sure you’re collaborating with people who have their audience’s trust and engagement for the best results.

It is easy to find an influencer to work with if you are offering a dating site for everyone. However, if your site caters to a specific demographic, it would be best to find publishers who also belong to that demographic. The more specific your site or app is the more difficult it will become. However, when you find the right people for the job, you are sure to get more leads.

Alternative couple holding hands.
Catering to an alternative audience can be a weakness or a strength. It’s up to you to decide which.

Understand whether you should speak to the heart, the funny bone, or the brain

Again, we are highlighting the importance of knowing how your audience thinks. Will visitors be more attracted to scientific studies, a humorous approach or will they click ”join” if you pull on their heartstrings? All three options have proved themselves effective for different sites.

Which approach fits you best?

Firstly, sites like Match and Okcupid use the data they collect through their respective platforms to conduct studies they use in their campaigns. This method speaks to the analytical mind and raises people’s hopes. Additionally, it piques visitors’ interest to check out more content from the sites, especially if they haven’t had much luck in the dating world (thus targeting the people most likely to sign up!).

Secondly, Tinder is a great example of utilizing memes, humor and social media to rise above the competition. Truly, it is important to build and maintain a good relationship with your audience. In recent years, social media has become the main channel of communication between companies and their customers. This can be and is applied in the dating niche as well. It is especially effective if your target audience is younger.

Lastly, a heartfelt promise of love and companionship is a great way to attract new users. Highlighting the successful stories of people finding their true love through the internet has been a great tactic eHarmony has been using for a while now. Sincere user testimonials are a great trust signal as well, and can be that final push even the most skeptical users need.

A couple lying down and embracing.
At the end of the day, most people are looking for love and tenderness.

Stay on the lookout

No marketing strategy is set in stone. And it shouldn’t be. With the ever-growing competition on the market, you should always be on the lookout for fresh ideas. Watch out for things that can turn your campaign into the next big thing. For this reason, keeping track of your progress is of the utmost importance. As soon as you see your numbers start to go down, it is probably time to start brainstorming. Thus, you should start exploring other methods and approaches. Additionally, we can’t overstate how important A/B testing is. Use this method to see if your next campaign is bringing better results than your current one while still keeping half your visitors on the old reliable.

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