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Published: July 17, 2020

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Throughout the entire existence of human civilization, language has been the tool that makes the world go round. Thus, the need to translate your creatives is huge. Not only does your target audience need to know what you’re saying, but they also need to understand the underlying message you want to convey. Translating creatives is more than a linguistic hurdle. It is an opportunity to show what you stand for, your plan, values, and mission. So, let’s talk about language and translation!

Why do you need to translate your creatives?

Humans are natural storytellers. We love telling and listening to stories, and through them, we learn what being a human being actually means. Communication is a cornerstone of civilization, and learning from previous generations allowed us to develop cultures, customs and make progress both in STEM fields and especially humanities.

Some works of art, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, and works of antic writers and philosophers have stood the test of time because they were exquisite. Other writings were preserved due to being hidden and protected in shrines and tombs. These are some of humanity’s greatest efforts to explain what it stands for.

On the other hand…

Some written documents survived for thousands of years by sheer luck, and show that people have always been people. This is the true history of humanity and culture. Thanks to these mundane writings, we know about a Babylonian merchant Ea-Nasir who liked false advertising, and the fact someone made bread on April 19th in Pompeii.

Language has always allowed us to see people’s smallest quirks as well as the most important values. That is why it is the most important tool in marketing, which is, at its core, good storytelling.

Creative translation for your target audience

Good marketing never consists of only the description of the product. It showcases the advantages of the thing being sold and shows how it can solve a real problem. Also, good marketing convinces customers they need the product to improve their lives immensely.

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Let your audience know about your product in a way they can understand it!

Any brand that has the intention of entering a new market faces the problem of creative translation. At Affie, we are aware of the difficulties this can bring. Firstly, if you’re only starting your endeavor into a foreign language market, you need to analyze both your previous marketing strategies and the new market itself. Secondly, you need to decide which elements are common to both your culture and the culture of your new GEO, and which ones are obsolete in the new environment. Lastly, you need to develop a strategy that will catch the attention of new customers.

The diversity of many different cultures around the world can make it difficult to convey the exact message and values your company stands for. However, entering a new market can be an opportunity to see your product or service from a new standpoint, and further develop your overall marketing strategies as a result.

What to look for when you translate your creatives

The literal translation is almost never good enough for marketing purposes. Sometimes, the two cultures are similar enough that you’ll only need to reword your copy, or make small changes so the message can remain the same. However, in vastly different cultures you may have to rewrite copy from scratch or even re-brand your product so the marketing focuses on different aspects than in the original language.

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Let your audience understand the message, not just the words.

To sum it up: it is more likely to sell if your message is clear, well worded and caters to the needs of the specific culture.

Translate your Creatives with Translation Apps

A huge budget isn’t available to every single person or company who wants to expand its business to new markets. Many affiliates want to do cost-per-action campaigns in different languages but aren’t ready to set aside large amounts of money for professional creative translators. Fortunately, with the rising globalization, translation apps are developing at a fast rate. Some of the best translation apps include

  • Google translate
  • Microsoft translator
  • Innovative Software translation apps
  • Naver Papago

Google Translate

Probably the best-known translator app globally. Available on iPhone and Android, this app offers translation between over one hundred languages. One of its weaknesses is the focus on the English language as a point of reference when translating between two different languages. Google translate supports voice, image, and handwriting translations as well as typed input.

Microsoft Translator

This app supports over 60 languages, and all of them are available offline, for on-the-go use. It is also available for free on Android phones. A great feature of this app is the ability to translate two-way conversations. Simple and intuitive interface enables a carefree user experience.

Innovative Software’s apps

Innovative Software is a developer that offers a variety of different bilingual translation applications. If you need to translate copy from English, with attention to detail, as well as a comprehensive list of synonyms, antonyms, definitions and other tools to help you say exactly what you need to say, Innovative software is the place to go.

Naver Papago

Naver Papago is ahead of all competition when it comes to translating to Asian languages. It is developed by Naver, a South Korean search engine, so it offers a great alternative to Anglo-hyperfocused translation apps. Even though it only translates ten languages, it is developed with special care to conveying messages.

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Conquer a new market with great creative translation!

Translate your Creatives with Translation Plugins

If you are running a WordPress site, and want to expand it to a new market, you’re in luck. Even though WordPress itself doesn’t have the in-built capability to create multilingual sites, there are many great plugins that enable you to do exactly that. As we have previously stated, the global market is moving towards being more homogeneous. Thus, the ability to reach diverse audiences is becoming a standard. These plugins enable webmasters from anywhere to showcase their content to a greater audience than it was possible even a couple of years ago. Expand your GEOs with the highest rated WordPress translation plugins:

Polylang (Offers a free basic version and a pro version that is €99)

Gtranslate ($5.99 a month for one language or $14.99 per month for 103 languages)

Weglot (Basic version – one language and 10.000 words is €8.25 per month, and PRO plan – all languages and 200.000 words is €41 per month)

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