Benefits of joining an affiliate network with a quick approval process

Published: August 10, 2020

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Many affiliates, especially newbies, choose to become a part of a white hat performance marketing network. This way they can invest some money and save a lot of time they’d otherwise spend building their own contact list from scratch. Quick approval process is, thereby, the key to starting an affiliate business.

Publisher Approval Process

The complexity and time needed to get approved varies from network to network. The three main was to approve new publishers are

  • Auto approval
  • Business rule approval and
  • Manual approval.
Illustration of a gand holding a magnifying glass above four businessmen.
Some networks are more demanding than others.

When it comes to auto-approval, the rule of thumb is that everyone becomes a member. You can get approval from some beginner-friendly networks even if you don’t even have a website. However, this means a great number of affiliates in the network, and thus, a huge competition with little to no chance to rise above.

Business rule approval means the network has set up some guidelines all affiliates need to follow in order to become members. This is also most often automatic, but the computer checks if you fulfill all the conditions set by the network. This method of approval is usually very quick as well.

Here comes the kicker

On the other hand, some affiliate networks don’t rely on automated approvals, and hence, have a review process that can take some time. These networks employ an actual person to review your applications and see who is the right person for them. The obvious con of applying to networks with this type of approval process is the chance of rejection. However, getting approved by a network confirms you as a trustworthy affiliate and also puts you in an environment with fewer competitors.

The affiliate world is a vast one, and every niche is a system in and of itself. Before you start this endeavor, try to at least have a basic understanding of how things work. A good guide for affiliate beginners can help you on your journey. Even though it can get overwhelming, you should try to keep yourself informed and study affiliate marketing as much as you can.

What Should You Do When You Can’t Get Approved

Beginner affiliates that take themselves and their business seriously don’t want to start in a network that accepts any and every new entry. However, they may face rejection if they go straight for networks that approve manually. Fortunately, can give you some tips on what to do for a good network to accept you.

Respect all the guidelines when you’re applying to a network with a quick approval process

Before you apply, the network will give you a set of rules. They are usually clear, and there is no reason not to follow them. Still. most affiliates get rejected because they fail to comply with these rules. So, make sure you format your application the right way, and give all necessary identification documents. If you don’t there’s a big chance your application won’t go through. Don’t use someone else’s bank statement or any other document, because you’re bound to get disqualified if you do so.

Illustration of people standing around a compliance contract.
Make sure they see you as a worthy member.

An affiliate network with a quick approval process still reads through your applications

While you’re filling your application, think about the impression you’re giving the person reading it. They will take the time to read through everything you write, and thus, you should use this opportunity and showcase your strongest suits. To put it differently – you need to show you are eligible to work in marketing by marketing yourself the best way possible. Take the time to show how serious you are about this opportunity, and try to get to know the network’s values and mission. Cater to that both by directly stating you put in the effort to learn what they’re about before you applied, as well as by highlighting your values that are in line with theirs.

Don’t give generalized or one-sentence (or even worse – one-word) answers, even though it might not be fun. Go in-depth to be sure you have conveyed your strongest suits. The more specific you get, the better the chance they’ll understand you are serious.

Of course, being serious without being informed is a no-go, and the application reviewer will see right through any applicant who is just trying to sound smart. So – you should double-check for any errors or ambiguity in your wording.

Don’t be afraid to get personal with the affiliate network with a quick approval process

Most affiliates start out small. As in every job, they need to prove themselves so they can prosper. While navigating the market, most of them learn the value of networking. It is a good idea to start building your own personal networks of people both in the affiliate world, as well as the industry your content is about. This way your many important people can see your progress, and they won’t be afraid to vouch for you if push comes to shove. It would also be good to ask people within your circle about their affiliate networks – are they satisfied, and would they recommend them to you. This way, if you decide to follow one of them, they can put in a good word and ease your application process.

Of course, it isn’t always easy to build a contact list. A great way to do it is to connect with other affiliates at conferences. Putting in the money and effort to visit a conference is a great way to show networks you are serious and willing to invest in your career.

Illustration of five people connected by lines
Don’t be afraid to network!

Of course, many beginners don’t have the means to fly out to a conference. For this reason, you should also contact other affiliates and affiliate networks via a phone call, or a video conference. This way you can start building your relationship in a more personal way, which can give you a great advantage compared to other candidates if you play your cards right.

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