Affie’s guide to in-house dating offers

Published: June 24, 2020

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Dating is one of the best and most constantly sought after verticals. It is always current, no matter the time of the year, week, or day, your audience’s preferences. This is true because many single people are on the lookout for some new person in their life. The online dating industry is worth over $1B, with and experts predict it to only grow in the next few years. Let’s talk about in-house dating offers.

Promoting Exclusive Dating Offers

We are aware not every dating site is necessarily safe for work. There are risks inherent to working within this vertical. On one hand, you chose to step out of the traditional moral norms which may be a problem with your audience. On the other hand, various adult content blockers your users may have installed can prevent a large number of potential clients from seeing your offers at all.

Illustration of a man wunning toward a bullseye with a spear.
Still, dating can be an amazing vertical for affiliates.

Yet, dating is one of those things that simply work in affiliate performance marketing nowadays, and you should be able to reap the benefits of your work. Thus, you need to learn how to promote in-house dating offers.

The audience for in-house dating offers

When we talk about dating site offers, it is by and large better to target a very niche audience than to try a generalized offer and see what sticks. In other words – you need to pay attention to quality, rather than the quantity of your traffic. High volume can mean (and thus, bring) little to nothing if you’re not getting your visitors to actually sign up for these sites. You need to utilize the information you posses about your visitors to craft a well-thought-out targeted campaign. Your content and offers should be available to people who already have the intention to purchase.

However, your content being available isn’t the only thing necessary for success in the dating vertical. Said content should be enticing, inviting and feature a strong call-to-action. Show the benefits of the services you’re offering, and frame them in such a way that it is obvious they can help solve a real problem your target audience has. In this case, focus on finding the right person to ask on a date and start something wonderful with. Analyze your average user, and see if there’s a dominant characteristic you can appeal to.

Monetize Your Dating Traffic

As we previously mentioned, the demand for dating is never low. This means there are many different dating sites and apps out there. Some cater to the general audience, and others to different and very specific niches. Some of them are made with the intention to connect people who are serious and want to settle down, and others with the purpose to make finding a hookup easy and safe.

A cellphone screen with a picture of a woman and a heart.
Dating sites and applications come in various shapes and sizes.

There are many factors that make a dating site, but one is common for all of them: They all want to have more members than they currently do. If your site is based around dating, whether it’s dating advice, blog, or any similar concept, we at Affie are sure you can find a way to monetize your traffic through dating sites.

When you’re running in-house dating offers, you should pay attention to both the psychology of your audience and the implications the niche brings on its own. As it is with many verticals, dating is a psychological game. Some of the factors you need to consider are

  • Visuals
  • Consistency
  • Quality of your leads

When it comes to this vertical, first impressions are very important. Much like finding a partner, deciding to join a dating site and invest time and money has a lot to do with the way the offer looks. Since this vertical attracts more men than women, it is safe to presume using photos of attractive ladies in your ads and on landing pages will make an impact.

When you’re approaching your audience with a dating offer, you should make sure your copy is absolutely clear and communicates exactly what you intend it to say. Make sure all the visual material, as well as copy, is consistent and showcases the offer in the best light.

Leading Dating Traffic Monetization for in-house offers

Your leads should be already interested in the offer you’re presenting. Dating sites don’t make money by mere visits. If they offer free memberships, the chance for profit becomes even smaller. Your lead quality depends on both the number of visits and the number of visitors who actually get a paid membership. You want those numbers to be as close to each other as possible for better profit.

Illustration of a woman with a megaphone coming out of a cellphone screen, with many people coming toward her.
Pay close attention to the quality of your leads.

There are many business models within the online dating niche, and most of them can be lucrative. Let’s see the most promising ones.

Single opt in offers are the least lucrative, but also the most beginner-friendly option. In these offers, the only action needed for a conversion is for users to submit valid emails. Thus, the ease of conversion hinders the pay from being high. The good side of SOI offers is that they are easy to run and cheap to test.

Double opt in offers are more complicated, but when you calculate your EPC, you’ll see their results are better. To complete a conversion for a DOI, the users need to submit their email and do another step, which may vary. This step entails either clicking a confirmation link, making a profile, uploading a photo or a multitude of other actions.

Revenue sharing is another business model affiliates can look into. In this model, the publisher gets a percent from every membership they manage to sell. This means your leads have to become paying members for you to get any money. This model isn’t advised for newbies because it is the most complicated and it takes quite some time to actually get paid. Of course, this means bigger payouts (usually going from 40 to 80 percent of the monthly fee), as well as low risk for any quality problems.

Whichever option you may choose, don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the dating vertical, and start connecting some lovebirds as well as making money!

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