Affiliate Advertisers

Reach the best publishers and increase your sales by promoting your brand through successful campaigns.

Reputable publishers

Reach the top traffic sources through our affiliate publishers and their promotion channels.

Affie’s large publisher base and flexibility in formats combined with proven advertising models and solutions guarantee that our team will make your affiliate campaign highly profitable.

- Boost your brand’s digital presence

- Get more leads through our publisher’s premium traffic

- Access a global network and reach clients all over the world

- Evolve your brand by teaming up with industry experts

We help affiliate advertisers reach their targets.

Marketing your products or services can be risky. But, with Affie’s team by your side it doesn’t have to be. We are here for you 24/7, and more importantly, we are happy to help you achieve your goals, boost your sales and get new clients. In a safe manner.

- Affie will provide you with complete support and help you understand the marketplace

- Our affiliate managers will help you restructure your campaign if needed

- We will review all the traffic that seems suspicious in order to keep you safe and satisfied

Support for advertisers

Traffic Sources

Segmenting and targeting the exact type of customers you want is our specialty.


Attract and connect with your new clients through social media platforms.


Reach your clients through the power of automation in a matter of seconds.


Make every customer interaction count through our targeted advertisements.


Utilize the newest push technology through our affiliate publishers and their promotion channels.

Affie traffic types


Increase your website traffic with a great possibility of retargeting and user acquisition.


Develop a stable flow of inbound traffic (both organic and PPC).


Target your customers and generate more affiliate leads in a subtle manner.


Capture your audience’s attention by placing your ads in the most popular apps.

Your Security Is Our Primary Concern.

Time is money. We won’t waste yours.

Manual review of system-flagged conversions.

Fast response to all issues raised by affiliate advertisers.

Affiliate publishers go through our anti-fraud KYC process.

We share our blacklists with various affiliate professionals to ensure maximum security.

All traffic restrictions, such as "no social", are respected and enforced.

We utilize system alerts to notify us of unusual traffic patterns.

Affie is here to provide you with the highest-quality traffic from different sources. Let’s start making money together today!