About Us

Affie is a performance marketing network that was founded with the idea to provide affiliate advertisers and publishers with top-quality services and optimal solutions. The experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the past few years helped us gain a deeper understanding of the affiliate marketing industry. We are focused on creating more convenient performance marketing, where all participating sides can be successful and profitable. Our team creates customized promotion strategies in a way that eliminates any obstacles and issues, so our partners can maintain campaign efficiency at the highest rank.

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships that last long and get consistent results. To achieve that, we take time to get to know our partners and the unique challenges they are facing. We don’t believe in ready-made solutions, but we do believe in doing everything in our power to take your business to the next level. The results of all that hard work helped us lay the foundation for our company and gave us the ability to help advertisers as well as affiliates to grow on a global scale. The strategies and resources we use for our partners are well-established and developed in such a manner to provide maximum results for both sides.

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