7 tips to create the best push ads

Published: October 14, 2020

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Push is an underrated ad format. This is true because this type of advertisement is widely considered too invading and annoying. However, the facts tell a totally different story. Namely, push is one of the biggest and most reliable traffic sources at the moment. Additionally, with the expansion of the mobile market, they are becoming more common nowadays. Affie.com is here to give you some tips and help you create the best push ads you can!

Why are push ads so effective?

The push format is especially suitable for affiliate marketing because it is completely voluntary. Similarly to growing a mailing list, a user has to authorize receiving push notifications from an app before they start showing up on their phone. In other words, push notifications are visible only to users who are already interested in a product or service. Thus, you will be reaching only your target audience ready to engage. This way push helps you reach exactly those members of your audience who are most likely to complete a conversion, and slightly pushing them to do that, so to speak.

How to earn with push ads?

The nature of push ads themselves allows you to filter your audience by more parameters. For example, people are basically always carrying their phones nowadays. Hence, you can customize your ads and make more money by catering to their immediate location. If a user interested in makeup is passing by a perfume shop, it is a great time to send a coupon notification. This is applicable to any target audience anywhere, which is another great advantage of push ads.

Remarketing illustration.
Remarketing is a great idea!

Another way to make money from push ads is to dedicate them to abandoned shopping carts and remarket those products to members of your audience who were basically ready to purchase them. At the end of the day, those are some of the surest bets. In other words, a push is great to overcome that last hurdle and give the final necessary incentive for conversion.

GEOs of the best push ads

Being mindful and choosing the best geos for push is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and profit. Since markets vastly differ from one country to another, you will have to do some research. Our tip is to keep tabs on your business as well as the niche itself. We recommend always starting small when creating a new push campaign, and scaling up when you are sure you can achieve more.

Top 5 verticals for push traffic

Traffic monetization can’t work unless you choose the best possible offers. This may mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and expanding your business. The best verticals for push at the moment are

  • Dating offers
  • Health and beauty
  • Mobile apps and games
  • E-commerce
  • Gaming

Will the traffic source support the best push ads?

Unfortunately, not all traffic sources offer this ad format in general. Before you strike a deal and start using traffic from a source, you need to make sure it will be available. That is to say, make sure to only work with sources that are adjusting and using the most profitable trends at the moment. Secondly, take the time to research the traffic source’s track record with push campaigns. You have worked very hard to develop your ideas, the look and content of your ads. Make sure they are seen by the right audience as well.

Design tips for the best push ads

When it comes to push notifications, the bulk of your traffic will come from mobile devices. This means you won’t have a lot of space for the ad right from the start. Additionally, this format of the ad doesn’t even take up the whole screen most of the time. Thus, you will have to cut down the number of words as well.

Illustration of a cellphone with a megaphone, an eye, an emoji, a like and retweet symbols around it.
Include different media into your push ads for better results.

Rich push ads are one of the best solutions when it comes to design. These ads contain an image, gif, or video that makes the ad more enticing and gives you a better chance. Lastly, it is important to keep the vertical in mind. This is true because, for example, dating campaigns require more unconventional advertising than most.

Personalize your ads

As we have previously mentioned, users have to opt into your push ads to be able to see them at all. This also means your ads have to bring value to the person seeing them because they have the option to opt-out whenever they want to. One of the best ways for your ads to stay relevant is to segment your audience by different criteria and adjust your copy, the layout of the ad, or the featured visual according to the demographic. This way your ads will always be relevant and you will be able to give them more impact as well. In contrast, it is also important not to over-segment, because an ad should still target a portion of your audience large enough the costs of different versions are reasonable.

Optimize your campaigns for the best push ads

We can not overstate the importance of regular A/B testing in any affiliate campaign. The world is moving quickly, and you will have to follow the latest trends if you want to keep afloat. As new technology emerges and becomes mandatory, you should adjust your campaigns, whether it’s copy, images, offers or something else. Make sure to also track the success of your ongoing campaigns as to be one step ahead when they start to slow down.

Illustration of a mobile phone with a shopping cart on its screen.
Make online shopping irresistible!


Push ads are one of the best performing formats because they have an extremely high opt-in and interaction rate. Choosing this format raises your chances in many verticals, but it is still best to choose those closely connected to mobile traffic, as web push notifications often have a lower performance. This type of ad is especially convenient as it allows you to segment your audience more efficiently for better targeting. Hence, it allows you to adjust your copy to pinpoint and better suit smaller groups of people. This way you can raise the percentage of completed conversions and, in turn, your profit.

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