10 tips for creating dating campaigns that convert

Published: September 16, 2020

Category: Dating Monetization Guide

Dating is one of the most attractive verticals for affiliates. Yet, this doesn’t mean it is easy to start or maintain a dating campaign. The best-performing affiliates within the vertical are notoriously secretive about their methods. Fortunately, this affiliate marketing network has got your back. Without further ado – here’s what you need to know to create dating campaigns that convert.

Dating GEOs

As we have mentioned many times, dating is a specific niche since it is always relevant. This also applies to GEOs. Basically, since love and sex are universal human needs, all GEOs work really well with dating. This means you will have to consider other factors, such as the financial power of different tier countries and the time people are able to dedicate to using dating sites and apps. Hence, tier 1 countries (Western Europe, North America, and Australia) are the most profitable options. However, the markets there are already saturated, and it may be truly difficult to rise above the competition for a newbie.

Illustration of multiple people conducting research.
You will have to do your research first!

Dating campaigns that convert: Where to start?

Dating campaigns are specific in the affiliate world. However, they begin as any other campaign would – with research. You should visit the biggest dating sites from the GEOs you have chosen and take a proper look at their ads and offers. There should be at least one or two dating sites that would fit your target audience, due to the great versatility of different dating sites.

Which offer should you pick?

After you have narrowed your choices, you should research the sites’ affiliate offers. Pay great attention to the type of offer and traffic, as well as payouts and networks working with the sites. Keep in mind that general dating sites are generally less risky, but adult-oriented ones pay better money. Of course, the final decision depends on your audience. There is truly no use focusing on not safe for work sites that cater to the male gaze if your audience is predominantly female.

Dating campaigns that convert: traffic sources

A great way to increase your landing page conversion rate right from the get-go is to start looking for traffic sources on sites dedicated to love and relationship advice. Different forums are also a great starting point. This way you can reach an audience already on the lookout for what you are offering yourself.

High-Converting Ads

The success of your ads in this vertical can be surprising, especially if you are set in your ways when it comes to traffic monetization. You have probably seen some dating sites’ ads, and noticed how bad they are, both from graphic design and copywriting standpoint. Thus, you will be surprised to find out these ads actually work better than well designed and thought out ones. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is the truth.

Push notifications in the dating vertical

Push is a great option when it comes to the dating vertical. These ads are non-intrusive since they only give the user a notification. For this reason, the push is becoming one of the more preferred advertisement types. Additionally, mobile push notifications have an exceptionally high opt-in rate due to their very nature and endless possibilities for personalized ads.

Illustration of a hand holding a cellphone.
Push is a great option for dating!

Direct links vs landing pages

Landing pages have proved themselves time and time again as the more effective option in this vertical. While direct links behave like a path to a cash register, landing pages can bring your visitors intrigue, make them excited and curious about your offer. Creating a proper dating offer landing page takes time, skill and knowledge of psychology, but the results are always there to speak for themselves. The biggest guideline we can give you is not to overwhelm your visitors with information and text, but to utilize the visual component and pique their interest with catchy and compelling copy instead.

Dating campaigns that convert: tracking and optimizing

We can not overstate how important it is to track your offer statistics. Tracking allows you to see exactly which aspects of your campaign are at their best, and which ones, in turn, need some tweaking to fully optimize and even prepare your campaign for scaling. Make sure to run a series of tests to determine which aspects can be improved upon. Here are some of the most efficient ways to optimize:

Dating campaigns that convert: Scale Your Dating Campaigns

Scaling up a campaign means taking things one step further than optimizing. It usually entails more significant investments. Thus, you should make sure you’ve done everything to increase a campaign’s performance before you scale up.

Illustration of two smiling men high-fiving.
Scaling up is a sure indicator of progress.

One of the ways to scale up is to invest more money into your already successful campaign. Putting more money into a campaign expands its reach, and if the campaign itself was working well with a smaller number of visitors, investing into more people seeing it is a good idea.

Email is a great option when it comes to expanding your reach as well. This is true because people don’t give out their email addresses so easily. Hence, if someone is willing to give it to you, it means they are truly interested in what you have to say and offer.


The final tip we will give you concerns site abandonment. Less visitors leaving your website should be a long-term goal. This is achieved through making your own site truly easy and pleasant to use. The user experience should be smooth and without hiccups. Make sure your visitors actually get some value from your site itself first and foremost. This is a great opportunity to show your own expertise on the subject you have chosen for your site. At the end of the day – and you will get tired of hearing this – Content truly is King in affiliate marketing. The surest way to get your audience to purchase something through your site is to make its members feel like they know you. So, don’t be afraid to show your personality and style through your content. This is one of the surest ways to keep your audience coming.

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