10 Tips for Creating Better Content

Published: June 3, 2020

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Content creation is currently one of the biggest tasks in markering. Competition is huge, and it can discourage any newbie. Think ten steps ahead of your competition with our ten tips for creating better content.

Creating Content That Converts

As important as it is to make quality content, it is equally, if not more important to make posts that will generate conversions. Affie hast some advice in creating high-converting content.

1. Creating better content: Know your tools

Whether you write or make videos or podcasts, you should be absolutely certain about your tools. Read books or take up a course on writing and/or editing content to make sure you’re utilizing every asset you have. Also, people are more likely to return to your site if the content you put out looks well put together and professional.

Illustration of multiple computer screens showing different media.
Make sure your content is made with care

2. Creating better content: Show your personality or your company’s worldviews

Believe it or not – people actually care about what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if you’re just one person starting a new hobby, or a representative of a huge company, you should show some personality. Throw in some jokes, or give some personal updates, if you’re comfortable with that. Affiliate marketing relies on trust, and it is easier to build it if your audience feels like they know you.

3. Include a strong call-to-action (CTA)

Something that you’ll learn as soon as you get your start in affiliate marketing is that leaving out a CTA is a big mistake. You’re establishing trust and providing quality content, so why shouldn’t you ask your visitors to subscribe, join your mailing list or send any other kind of invitation? Furthermore, you’re making sure your visitors won’t forget about you and your hard work.

4. Make content that answers questions or fixes problems

People turn to google for almost any problem nowadays. And, with a good reason. The internet provides us with amazing resources and answers to almost any question. Frame your content so it answers a specific question. Include the question itself in the title, so your content can be found by typing the question into a search engine.

While we’re on the topic of search engines, let’s talk about your SEO skills

Mastering Your SEO Content selling traffic

You need to know how to utilize keywords and phrases to rank on google. Selling traffic depends on getting traffic, and you need your content to be easily findable for that.

Illustration of search results.
Ranking well on search engines is crucial!

5. Keep making fresh content

Regular activity from your website indicates you’re still active and brings more traffic to your site. It also shows search engines your site is valuable and profitable for them, so it will rank better and be easier to find. Try to stay relevant, and make sure you time your content according to seasonal searches. This means staying up to date with current events and using different holiday seasons, sports events, etc in your posts and videos.

6. Meta descriptions

Make sure your article, video, or podcast makes a great first impression. This ties in with tip #4. Meta description of your content should reflect the value clicking on it will bring, and it works even better paired up with a specific problem, issue, or question your potential audience might have.

7. Repurpose old successful posts

This tip can come in handy if you’ve hit a writer’s block or a creative slump, as well as if there’s new information about the issue you already talked about. Add this new information and give your opinions. This will make new audiences revisit your older content and boost traffic. If there’s no new information, you can always translate the old post into a different medium – an ebook, graph, or video. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion on current events, or change what you said earlier, as long as you acknowledge it.

Tips for Creating Content on Facebook

Social media plays a big role in making your landing page efficient. Facebook is the biggest social media out there. Hence – you should use it to move your business forward.

Illustration of a Facebook page.
Show the world what you’re really about through posts!

8. Making better content: Use video

People often don’t have the time to read a long post, and choose to skip it instead. Make your content more popular by translating it into video form. Make sure the videos are engaging and full of useful information. This will be the main reason your content gets shared, and thus, discovered by new people.

9. Engage with your audience

People love getting responses from their favorite pages. This tactic can also be applied to Twitter. Make sure to reply and build a relationship with the people who leave comments, at least in the beginning. When the number of comments becomes overwhelming start engaging only with the first responders or especially funny or interesting ones.

10. Start conversations

Your posts should be conversation starters, and allow people to express their opinions. Write to them with responses in mind. This will also make your content more shareable, and thus, more popular. The general rule of thumb when it comes to shareability and building an audience is to make the content as interesting and readable as possible. The content should be eye-catching and short enough for people who aren’t following you to want to know more.

In conclusion, there are many ways to create better content, but what it boils down to is: Stay yourself, keep creating and get as much information as you can, whether about your niche or the best ways to create and market your content.

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